Concord release date, gameplay, trailers, platforms & more

Concord release date, gameplay, trailers, platforms & more
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31st May 2024 16:10


With Firewalk Studios' Concord now fully revealed at the May 2024 PlayStation State of Play, there's no better time to dive into everything we know so far, including the game's release date, gameplay details, platforms, and all of the trailers.

Attempting to carve its own identity within the first-person hero shooter space, the game brings players to space in a galaxy of the same name, with unique character abilities and designs to enjoy.

Does Concord have a release date?

Following on from the May 2024 State of Play, it's been revealed that Concord will officially launch on August 23, 2024.

Image of the Concord release date
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Following on from a change in strategy this year, this will be a simultaneous release on PlayStation consoles and PC, which should provide a real boost to the player base, and hopefully allow the game to thrive at launch.

Firewalk Studios has also revealed that there will be a beta later this year ahead of the full launch, but it is unclear when this will be at this moment in time. Regardless, that'll be an excellent opportunity for players to try out what Concord has to offer, and familiarise themselves with the world and characters.

All gameplay details

Concord is a 5v5 multiplayer-focused shooter that incorporates 16 different heroes, each with their own abilities that differentiate their playstyles.

Image of first person combat in Concord
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Characters will wield a number of different intergalactic weapons, from laser rifles to plasma launchers, and will utilise them in order to complete objectives and stop the enemy team in their tracks.

It appears to offer a similar matchmaking experience to other team-based shooters like Overwatch and Team Fortress, and features numerous colourful space-bound maps for you to duke it out on.

Image of combat in Concord
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While the game is primarily a multiplayer title, there will be plenty of lore for players to dive into if they so desire, with insights into each of the characters released alongside the game and as you play, allowing you to connect with them more.

Are there any trailers?

PlayStation Showcase Reveal

Concord was first revealed at a PlayStation Showcase event back in May 2023, although there wasn't too much to glean from the images shown here. It's entirely cinematic and simply places us within the realm of space that the game inhabits.

Gameplay Trailer

Almost a year later to the date, however, we received another trailer for Concord - this time giving us two minutes of gameplay to uncover. You'll be able to see the team-based hero shooter action in full force here, with particular highlights for many of the Freegunners that you'll be able to play as.

Cinematic Trailer

Alongside the gameplay trailer was a dedicated cinematic, giving a background to our cast, the life of a Freerunner, and the crew of the Northstar as the outlaws take flight.

What platforms is Concord on?

Concord will only release on PlayStation 5 and PC, but as mentioned prior it will thankfully be a simultaneous launch to allow everyone to dive in at the same time.

You will, unfortunately, be left behind if you're on the previous generation of consoles, and the game is firmly a PlayStation-backed exclusive so don't expect to see it on Xbox any time soon.

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