PS5 players slam "Overwatch clone" Concord after State of Play debut

PS5 players slam "Overwatch clone" Concord after State of Play debut
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Lloyd Coombes


31st May 2024 10:07

Sony's latest State of Play may have had few surprises thanks to a series of leaks, but it did give us a first look at Firewalk Studios' Concord.

We'd previously seen what essentially amounted to a teaser trailer with a logo, but Sony opened its show this time around with a lengthy story cinematic and then followed it up with gameplay footage and dev commentary.

For some, it looked fun - for others, it's a little too familiar.

Concord divides opinion on first gameplay reveal

While the story trailer above suggests a heist-focused, Guardians of the Galaxy-style adventure (it really does feel like it's following the Marvel template to the letter), players were less than impressed by the reveal of Concord being a 5 v 5 multiplayer shooter.

"So all that story trailer, just to say it's a 5 v 5 Overwatch clone," one commenter said on the PS5 subreddit.

"Calling it now Concord is gonna be the flop of 2025. Looks so generic and boring," another said.

The gameplay trailer has also come under fire on YouTube for being generic, and given the reveal was followed not too long after by Marvel Rivals, another team-based shooter that has the luxury of the Marvel license and a very slick visual style, Concord is perhaps struggling to meet expectations.

Still, if Concord is able to find an audience (and being playable across both PS5 and PC should help with that), maybe there will be something special about it that players will discover when they go hands-on.

For now, though, players seem mostly a little fatigued by Sony's commitment to live service games.

The platform-holder had intended to launch over 10 live service by the end of the 2025 fiscal year, but things have slowed on that front. Aside from Concord, Destiny 2 is approaching its biggest expansion yet on Tuesday with The Final Shape, while Bungie is also working on Marathon.

Elsewhere, Sony's Haven Studios is working on Fairgame$, another heist-inspired shooter, while other projects include a multiplayer title in the Horizon franchise.

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