CoD players slam 'absolute joke' Modern Warfare storyline

CoD players slam 'absolute joke' Modern Warfare storyline
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Alex Garton


20th Sep 2023 11:20

While Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer will be the most popular aspect of the title when it drops on November 10, there are a huge amount of players who are looking forward to jumping into the campaign.

With a new threat in the form of Makarov, and a chance to visit the fan-favourite Verdansk again, all clues point towards Sledgehammer knocking it out of the park when it comes to the narrative.

However, based on how the Modern Warfare storyline has gone so far, not everyone has high hopes for the next chapter.

According to some fans, the Modern Warfare story so far has had "no stakes" as they keep bringing back characters from certain death, making the plot an "absolute joke."

CoD fans flame Modern Warfare story for having "no stakes"

Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user X2006_SubZero decided to create a thread arguing that "There aren't any stakes in Modern Warfare 2019-2023."

Their biggest point of frustration is that "no one who died, actually died," with Philip Graves making a return, Alex surviving the chemical plant explosion, and Victor Zakhaev cheating death when it comes to his drop into a missile silo by making an appearance in zombies.

As a result, they argue all this plot armour has made the narrative an "absolute joke" and for them, the "zombies storyline is more realistic than the campaign." On the whole, the majority of users in the thread agree, claiming the devs do it to keep fans coming back.

"They want to milk the rebooted MW franchise till the end of time, and to guarantee maximum public interest, they need to keep all the popular characters alive."

Call of Duty players want more characters to die to in MW3

MW2 Captain Price
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While we know Makarov is back in MW3, the details of the story remain a mystery, but CoD fans are holding out hope that Sledgehammer isn't afraid to kill off some characters.

"I say f**k it we kill every character," joked one user, with another arguing, "It's so stupid how they kill a character, bring them back and have the whole death mean nothing."

Call of Duty fans are hoping the stakes get raised in MW3 and the writers haven't been afraid to take some risks, but only time will tell.

Either way, with an early access period dedicated to playing the campaign, every CoD player will get a chance to experience the plot.

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