CoD legend FormaL tells fans to stop getting excited for MW3

CoD legend FormaL tells fans to stop getting excited for MW3
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Jack Marsh


19th Sep 2023 13:51

It has been a substantial number of years since we loaded into a new Call of Duty and thought "Yes, they've done it, this is a great game from kick-off".

Maybe it is a token of the live-service model where content is held back for future updates, or maybe it's just been conflicting influences from Warzone, but seldom has a Call of Duty launched and taken our breath away in the last five years.

But in this line of thought, Call of Duty legend and current Halo professional Matthew "FormaL" Piper has told his fans not to get excited for Modern Warfare 3 as they're only setting themselves up to be disappointed.

FormaL tells fans to stop being excited for new Call of Duty games

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FormaL has one of the most established careers in Call of Duty ever, often being placed in the top-five players of all time, but after retiring from competing in CoD after the Cold War season in favour of switching back to Halo, the former world-champion had some scathing messages to his fans who want to see him make a return.

"I don't give a f**k what's going on in CoD anymore," the FPS giant said on-stream. 

"If you're still getting excited for a new CoD in this day and age then it's your own fault when you're disappointed. How many more let-downs do you need?"

FormaL has often been critical of the modern-day Call of Duty games, falling out of love with the titles that he made a career on.

FormaL claims getting excited for MW3 is like 'going back to the girl who cheated on you'


FormaL's OpTic colleague Anthony "Shotzzy" Cuevas-Castro had a more positive outlook on the next wave of Call of Duty, saying that the new Warzone changes will bring the game back to its "prime", but FormaL has now ruled out wanting to play either the battle royale or multiplayer.

Following a string of underwhelming releases though, FormaL has compared the excitement to disappointment arc to having an unfaithful partner.

"It's like you keep being cheated on and going back to the girl," he added.

Some fans did point out the irony of him playing Halo whilst saying this, but it's clear to see that long-time players of the franchise haven't looking forward to the new game.

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