Capcom Puts Konami To Shame With Resident Evil Showcase

Capcom Puts Konami To Shame With Resident Evil Showcase
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Tom Chapman


20th Oct 2022 10:46

We can hear the revving of our chainsaws from here, as Capcom delivered big with its Resident Evil showcase. Opening up the Hive once again, the shuffling series gave us a closer look at its recently announced projects and left us hungry for more - in the best way possible.

On a very different side of the survival horror genre, it's been a big week for the industry. After a decade of silence (if you ignore that Silent Hills debacle), Konami also showed off a smorgasbord of Silent Hill announcements. The thing is, Capcom left its gaming rival in the dust, as the Resident Evil showcase showed us how it's done.

Resident Evil Vs Silent Hill: Who Won?

While we've been ravenous for more news about the stagnant Silent Hill franchise, most of Konami's big announcements were spoiled ahead of time - even by the developer itself. With announcements like Bloober Team's Silent Hill 2 remake and the Japan-set Silent Hill f, Konami has resecured the franchise's future, but sadly, it was marred in complaints.

As for Resident Evil, there were no new announcements. Still, we were on tenterhooks throughout. Where else can you see Leon S. Kennedy set fire to a cow and cause it "moo" down your enemies? The big talking point was the 2023 remake of Resident Evil 4, where Game Director Shinji Mikami promised a release that will remain faithful to the original game while introducing new mechanics and state-of-the-art graphics.

We also got a look at the iconic Chainsaw Man that made 2005's original game an icon in its own right, a redesigned Ashley Graham who will hopefully be less annoying, and confirmation the Merchant is still here in all his sinister glory. Although newcomers and veterans alike are in for a wild ride, it's clear some things are different. A highlight of the trailer was Leon parrying a chainsaw using his knife. All in all, it felt like a continuation of 2021's Resident Evil Village - despite originally releasing 16 years earlier. 


What Editions Of Resident Evil 4 Are There?

Perhaps the only complaint is that RE4 is also coming to PS4. There's been a fierce debate about when Sony and Microsoft will let go of their last-gen consoles, with arguments that a PS4 release could hold back the graphical capabilities of RE4. At least you'll be able to upgrade your PS4 version to the PS5 digital edition 

The Deluxe Edition has additional costumes, special weapons, and a treasure map, however, the big seller will undoubtedly be the Collector's Edition. Not like the disappointing Hogwarts Legacy Collector's Edition, RE4 includes a Leon figure, special map, artbook, soundtrack, and more. With pre-orders live now, they're sure to be flying off shelves. We're not here to hate on Konami, but having had a whole decade to prepare its showcase, it's been left looking like the outcast by a trailer for a game that's nearly been ported as many times as Skyrim

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