Call of Duty players find ‘evidence’ of a Tranzit 2 map coming to Black Ops 6

Call of Duty players find ‘evidence’ of a Tranzit 2 map coming to Black Ops 6
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Jack Marsh


29th May 2024 11:05

Nothing changed the Zombies landscape like Tranzit did, as the Black Ops 2 map completely revisioned how the Call of Duty series tackled its graveyard shift.

The map saw us flick through five different POIs in an almost BR-sized city, bus-hopping with that annoying robotic driver, opening up new realms of what is possible when the Zombies devs put their heads together.

But nothing of the kind has ever returned to the series. That is, until Black Ops 6, maybe, as players have found "evidence" that a sequel to Green Run is coming this year.

Black Ops 6 conspiracists find TranZit 2 "evidence"

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Black Ops 6 has been dropping a lot of teasers as to what we can expect to see in the title, confirming characters such as Frank Woods and Russel Adler, antagonists like Saddam Hussein, and even dropping the news that the premium release will land on Xbox Game Pass as of day one.

But after already hinting at one possible Zombies map being based on an old classic, fans have been investigating the teasers for more clues, and they've found a lot of possible TranZit 2 details.

Popular content creator "MrRoflWaffles" has found a string of evidence that all leads towards a Green Run sequel.

Kicking things off, the YouTuber found that the Black Ops 6 teasers include a lot of locations, two of which include the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay in West Virginia.

These locations also tie into cut scenes in the Cold War map Forsaken. Characters make references to Liberty Falls (which sounds similar to the Potomac River's Little Falls), where a power plant failure occurred. Funnily enough, a power plant failure also happened in real life in West Virginia.

Now this is where it gets weird. The West Virginia power plant, named Pleasants, runs on a road named Green Run.

Green f'ing Run!

Now, this Easter egg hunt does get a bit blurry. There's a lot of jumping from Little Falls to Liberty Falls, and there is nothing that says "This is Tranzit 2". Yet, it's undeniable that there are a lot of stars aligning.

More coincidences come in the form of a diner (bizarrely named "The Jug". Juggernog?), a farm being located just north of Green Run on the map, and the Tranzit church being replicated in a nearby town named Harpers Ferry.

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Who knows though, this could be the location for the new Zombies map, but it also doesn't mean that we're getting a bus around it like in Green Run. 

Tranzit 2 has been fan-requested for years, and this would be one of the greatest ways possible to kick off Black Ops 6.

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