Black Ops 6 leaks suggest Theatre Mode is coming and cheaters can finally take an L

Black Ops 6 leaks suggest Theatre Mode is coming and cheaters can finally take an L
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Jack Marsh


7th Jun 2024 16:05

It has been a long time coming, but it finally looks like Treyarch is about to drop an absolute masterclass in Call of Duty-ing with Black Ops 6.

The upcoming title is four years in development, having moved on from Cold War back in 2020. Black Ops 6 has already proved promising on the three spokes of the wheel: Campaign, which will be a franchise-first open world setting; Zombies, pack-a-punched like never before; and Multiplayer.

As ever, Multiplayer is the most definitive spoke. Thankfully, it appears to be getting some massive reinforcements, as leaks suggest that the highly-requested Theatre Mode is finally returning.

Theatre Mode leaked for Black Ops 6


Theatre Mode is a staple in the Black Ops series, but also a feature that is adored CoD-wide. It allows players to review their game footage from matches gone by, and even check what went down with enemies.

Not only did this prove to be a favourite with competitive players for anti-strats, but montage fans loved it and even general players who pulled off something worth watching again.

According to popular leaker "BobNetworkUK", Theatre Mode will be released in Black Ops 6, just as it was in Cold War, BO4, 3, 2, and 1.

The Call of Duty developers in different studios have often snubbed this feature, though, leaving long gaps between titles with a Theatre Mode.

"This is a real leak", BobNetworkUK added, clearing up any doubts about whether this was a joke or not. "We are back in business."

Call of Duty hackers catch huge L with Theatre Mode

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One of the best elements of the Theatre Mode is its ability also to catch hackers and cheaters red-handed. 

The replay feature can highlight any suspicious play and be used as evidence in reports, which will continue to arm legit players in the fight against those who hack.

What's left is for this to be translated to Warzone, although you might need a much bigger cloud to store all those replay files.

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