CoD trailer suggests Saddam Hussein set to feature as main Black Ops 6 villain

CoD trailer suggests Saddam Hussein set to feature as main Black Ops 6 villain
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27th May 2024 09:34

Call of Duty has had a string of rather popular antagonists, as nothing sparks a good Campaign like a hated, yet adored, baddie.

From Makarov and Shepherd in the Modern Warfare series to Black Ops' Raul Menendez, Infinite Warfare's Salen Kotch (Kit Harrington), Advanced Warfare's Jonathon Irons (Kevin Spacey, ugh) and even Zombies' Edward Richtofen, the two decades of CoD action has sprung some great antagonists into our crosshairs.

But Black Ops 6 looks to be upping this ante significantly, as an early trailer has lined up Saddam Hussein as a villain in the Campaign, even visiting his palace in Iraq.

Saddam Hussein looks set to be the Black Ops 6 villain


Treyarch's marketing has already kicked off for Black Ops 6, confirming the title last week before dropping some subtle hints as to what we can expect to see in the Gulf War setting.

The latest snippet of information has come in the form of a care package to beloved Zombies guru Noah "NoahJ456" Johnson, which included a video trailer that continued to depict the "Truth Lies" slogan.

However, the ending of the trailer has teed up a live-action trailer which will air on May 28, and it seems very Saddam Hussein-centric.

The thumbnail for the live-action trailer shows appears to show Hussein's likeness in action, while coordinates for his Victory Over America Palace in Baghdad, Iraq, can also be seen.

Hussein was executed in 2006 after being found guilty of crimes against humanity throughout the Gulf War, but the thumbnail for the trailer does appear to be Hussein himself.

Black Ops 6's Campaign continues to mar with US Presidents

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Hussein's expected involvement in the Black Ops series continues to build on the catalogue of world leaders that have been portrayed.

Casting your minds back to early Black Ops games, figures like Fidel Castro, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and John F. Kennedy have featured in the series, leading up to the most recent inclusion of Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in Cold War.

Black Ops 6 now looks to involve Hussein and US Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, both of who were also seen in the trailer, albeit not in pixellated game form but rather clips of themselves on the news.

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Black Ops 6's live-action trailer is set to air on May 8 at 7am PT (3pm GMT), where we'll likely get to see a lot more of the Campaign.

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