Call of Duty fans desperate for classic MW2 weapon to return in MW3

Call of Duty fans desperate for classic MW2 weapon to return in MW3
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20th Sep 2023 14:35

There are high hopes that Modern Warfare 3 is guaranteed to bring heaps of nostalgia for Call of Duty fans, with all 16 of the MW2 (2009) maps coming back in a remastered form.

All of this classic content has got the CoD community craving more old-school features, with one specific attachment getting a lot of attention.

We're obviously talking about the Tactical Knife from MW2, which was effectively a weapon of its own that could be equipped with pistols. Running around the map and causing havoc with melee combat was a playstyle for some competitors, and they want it back in MW3.

Call of Duty players want Tactical Knife back in MW3

While some CoD fanatics are desperate for the ACR to come back or even the iconic Intervention, u/MaximusMurkimus on the MW3 subreddit is more keen for Tactical Knife to make an appearance.

This handy pistol attachment allowed players to stab opponents twice as fast, and when paired with mobility perks, it was incredibly effective.

A lot of players have fond memories of sprinting around the map with a Tac Knife equipped to their Desert Eagle or Magnum. Catching enemies off-guard or taking down foes camping on roofs was brilliant with the Tactical Knife and was perfect for when you were bored of the typical run-and-gun gameplay loop.

"Bruh the tac knife is my fav, I so hope it comes back," said one user, with another claiming "This needs to come back for the culture, f**k everyone who will get mad that’s what makes it fun."

CoD fans don't want the Commando perk to return

Tac knife MW3
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There's a tonne of backing for the Tactical Knife to return, but only under the condition that the Commando perk doesn't come back with it.

Getting killed by a lock-on Tac-Knife from an enemy around five metres away from you was always infuriating.

"As long as it doesn’t come with an ungodly lunge," said one user, with another arguing "I was about to say, it is fine if Commando stays dead."

We'll have to wait and see whether a Tac-Knife attachment is on the cards for MW3, but Sledgehammer could always add it at a later date with a seasonal content drop. It's guaranteed to give CoD fans another hit of nostalgia if they do.

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