Bungie’s Marathon is already giving DMZ a run for its money

Bungie’s Marathon is already giving DMZ a run for its money
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Jack Marsh


25th May 2023 20:45

The next wave of shooter games is nearly upon us, and as the battle royale genre appears to be slowing down significantly, extraction titles are seemingly the next enjoyable way to play.

With Escape from Tarkov and Call of Duty's DMZ game mode popularising the extracting shooter genre, Bungie has now announced that it's stepping away from the Halo franchise for the meantime to re-launch a long-forgotten IP.

Nearly 30 years after the Marathon IP was originally made, Bungie is now bringing back the relic. The early perceptions indicate that this could be the next big extraction shooter to overtake the existing games in the genre.

Bungie announces Marathon, a new DMZ and Tarkov rival

Announced at the May PlayStation Showcase, Marathon will see the best of both Halo and Destiny warped into an extremely interactive PvP shooter, where extracting with your life is the main goal, but a string of puzzles and enemies will want this to be your "last run."

The game is set to be developed solely for new-generation consoles and PC, and promises a lot of high-paced action in a colourful Apex-like colour palette. 

Although a release window hasn't yet been revealed, and will likely come after other FPS games like XDefiant, Deadrop, and Sentinel, and it's already won players over with its reveal.

FPS players already excited by Marathon, Bungie's new shooter

Popular first-person shooter fan and recent Warzone mogul James "JGOD" Godoy has become one of many fans to praise Bungie for its concept idea, saying that the evolving map, leaderboards, reconnect feature, fog of War, and Xplay/save functions combine to be quite an "interesting" project.

Players won't need to reimagine the 1994 game either, as the developers have reiterated that the new extraction game will be inspired, but not a sequel, to its predecessor.

"It's our aim to create something incredible both for players who are completely new to the Marathon world and for those that have been waiting years for more stories in the Marathon universe," said Marathon General Manager Scott Taylor in a Playstation interview.

With Halo and Destiny to go from, Marathon will likely have a huge wealth of knowledge in its development team, and this could be enough to make it the future shooter franchise to take over the market.

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