Critics are already slamming Dr Disrespect's Deadrop

Critics are already slamming Dr Disrespect's Deadrop
Midnight Society

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Jack Marsh


20th Mar 2023 17:31

The first of many usurpers for Call of Duty has been aired, as the upcoming first-person shooter from Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Baehm's Midnight Society development team has been cast on the main stage.

The Doc partnered with OpTic Gaming to put on a show for Deadrop's pre-Alpha tests, where popular FPS content creators and OpTic personalities ran up competitions on the very early build.

Deadrop has also been opened to the public (for a huge premium fee of $25 for a pre-Alpha test), and now, fans and critics have been quite vocal about its confusing concept, despite its improving look.

Critics are confused at the point of Deadrop

So far, it appears that Deadrop is aiming for a "vertical looter shooter" stylistic, where the extraction-based game will have players rising through the levels to escape from the ascending "freeze."

But many on-lookers are confused. "I don't actually get this game, besides that it's a looter shooter," said one fan on Reddit. "What is the final game supposed to be? I just don't feel any hype from the selling point of a vertical battle royale hybrid," they added.

Another fan also quizzed the game's lack of gunplay innovation. "Pre-Alpha or not it just looks like a fairly generic FPS that's copied design ideas from a bunch of established games."

"Just going purely by gameplay concepts it's pretty damn generic. Also, the variants are generic too, so many other shooters now are going with that look with the light masks," added another. However, it wasn't all doom and gloom...

Deadrop loyalists love the pre-Alpha showcase

There were many other fans who quite enjoyed what they were seeing, especially those involved in the testing and event.

It was clear to see that Deadrop was in the pre-Alpha stage, given the clunkiness of the shooting, but the players appeared to enjoy Doc's newest creation.

Call of Duty legend Ian "Crimsix" Porter applauded Dr Disrespect following the showcase, praising the sniping specifically. ModernWarzone's "DougDagnabbit" also praised the aesthetics, which have come a long way since the game was first criticised.

Deadrop is reportedly a solid year or two away from being finished, with Midnight Society promising that fans will be given an actual Alpha run and a Beta before it releases in full. It will be interesting to watch Deadrop's progression throughout this time.

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