Sony Turns Its Back On More PC Releases - For Now

Sony Turns Its Back On More PC Releases - For Now
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Tom Chapman


23rd Aug 2021 11:41

If you were planning on lifting your Leviathan axe with God of War or taking out some Clickers with The Last of Us on PC, we'd put those plans on hold. While Sony has dipped its toe in releasing its exclusives on PC, it sounds like an ongoing roadmap of PlayStation to PC releases has been placed on ice - for now.

As criticisms continue that Sony keeps its impressive catalogue locked behind the wall of PlayStation software, the latest news that PC releases aren't a priority further cements that it's not willing to share the keys to the kingdom. Although there's been a run of successful PC releases for former PlayStation exclusives, Sony remains committed to console releases as a top priority. 

What has Sony said about PC releases?

In an interview with Game Informer, Sony Studios boss Herman Hulst has nipped our hopes of regular PC release in the bud. Discussing Sony's future with PlayStation and PC, Hulst reiterated, "Typically, there have been about two years between the release on our platform and the PC platform. But you can rely on us to continue to create platform-defining exclusive content for PlayStation – that's part of the reason why we exist".

Explaining why so many games remain trapped on the PlayStation, Hulst reiterated, "It’s really important for us to squeeze the maximum out of the platform, to build showcases for the platform, and really let the audience see what these great features are contributing to the overall experience.” We've all heard about a potential PC port for God of War and Ghost of Tsushima, but now, they sound less likely than ever.

Looking at Microsoft's model of same-day releases on Xbox and PC, it's just not something Sony sees as viable right now. Earlier this year, Hulst confirmed, "we do value PC gamers," however, said that it's about finding "the right times to launch each game". It's true that PlayStation owners would be peeved if the whole reason they've forked out for a PS5 is for the exclusivity of PlayStation games - only to find out these titles are also on PC at the same time.  

What does the future hold for Sony and PC releases?

On the other side of the gaming scene, Microsoft works hand in hand with PC to release alongside Xbox. Then again, Microsoft made its start in life being known for PC, so it makes a lot of sense. Things are expected to hot up now that Microsoft has engulfed Bethesda and the future of major franchises like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls

Looking at the schedule of PC releases, it seems there's a rough window of three to four years between PlayStation release and PC. There are exceptions to the rule with the likes of Death Stranding, but if you look at the bigger picture, Horizon Zero Dawn hit the PS4 in early 2017 and eventually arrived on PC in August 2020. Days Gone was considerably shorter - coming to PS4 in April 2019 and hitting PC in May 2021.

Then again, Uncharted 4 came out all the way back in 2016, and although a PC release was apparently leaked earlier this year, we're still waiting for the official nod. Sony has already come under fire for accusations Microsoft is getting the drop on it with exclusives, however, Jim Ryan has promised more PlayStation exclusives are on the way. While we're glad console releases remain a priority, is Sony missing out on a big slice of the market by shunning PC? 


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