As per a Microsoft listing, Black Ops Cold War Zombies will be free for a week.

20:23, 09 Jan 2021

Free to play Call of Duty fans have been constantly gifted with brand new content in Warzone, including the recent introduction of Rebirth Island. The small high-octane rendition of Alcatraz and its surrounding areas has been a joy for players, mixing it up from a strenuous Verdansk, plagued with DMR's and MAC 10's.

Over the weeks since the release of Warzone, those that have played for free have been teased with weekends of the online multiplayer experience, granting players a quick way of levelling up their weapons and having the chance to play nostalgic maps such as Nuketown and Raid. 

Now, Activision is set to pull out another week of free to play action, with the slight twist of inviting the undead to the tea party. Starting on January 14, Black Ops Cold War zombies will be available without spending a single penny, running through until January 21.

The popular map Die Maschine will be available, which boasts a blast from the past in Nacht Der Untoten being expanded on into a typically tech-frenzy test site.

The news comes as eagle-eyed fans spotted the free access bundle on the Mircrosoft Store, although it has swiftly been ejected from the site. 

BOCWZombiesfreejpg Image via Modern Warzone

Treyarch recently hinted towards a zombies-themed surprise through their Twitter account, stating that in celebration of January 15 (a direct reference to Element 115, an integral part in the zombies' Aether storyline) that they will have "more Zombies goodies to talk about in addition to Cranked, which also goes live next week".


Loyal Black Ops fans have remained optimistic that they will be treated to more surprises following the hype that Treyarch has begun to build up, as the offer will not affect those who have already purchased the game. 

The developers usually have something up their sleeves, whether it's a Ray Gun or something more enticing is yet to be seen.



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Image via Activision

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