Everything you need to know about when the Black ops Cold War beta is released.

14:00, 08 Oct 2020

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta is the next chance for players to grasp a glimpse of what Treyarch have been cooking up for us. With the full release set for November 13, players across all platforms will be able to take their turns on the beta as the developers implement some different features and trail brand new compositions to the multiplayer experience. 

Call of duty black ops cold war beta dates

The Black Ops Cold War beta will be split between PlayStation initially, and then Xbox and PC gamers. The beta will run from October 8 - 12, with PlayStation players getting the first taste. The full dates are as follows:

Weekend One - Playstation Exclusive

  • Early Access (Pre-Ordered Exclusive) - October 8 - 9
  • Open Beta (All PlayStation Players) - October 10 - 12

Weekend Two - Crossplay (All Platforms)

  • Early Access (Pre Ordered Exclusive plus PlayStation) - October 15 - 16
  • Open Beta (All Gamers) - October 17 - 19
Black Ops Cold War Beta Release

How to Pre-order black ops cold war

Pre-ordering Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will allow you to get the 'Early Access' when it comes to the beta, giving you full reign of the weekends available to your platform. You can pre-order the game via the individual platforms stores (Xbox Marketplace, PlayStation Network Store, or via Blizzard Battle.net on PC), or directly from a store. The pre-order will give you an access code which can be used to download the beta. Alternatively, you can pop on to Modern Warfare or Warzone and visit the store in-game. This will then redirect you to each of the above pages where the game can be purchased.

Black ops cold war beta release details

The beta will include a feature of multiplayer maps, game modes, and playlists. It will also give you a chance to begin progressing by gaining XP towards your overall level and individual weapons. This will give you a handy head start when the full game is released. Reaching level 10 will give you access to a brand new weapon blueprint for the Uzi. 


Treyarch has stated that players can "expect frequent updates and a few surprises to take place within the beta across both weekends", and have already announced that there will be a brand new pinging system, akin to Warzone.



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