Black Ops 6 Vault Edition artwork hints at more Zombies map remasters and undead Operators

Black Ops 6 Vault Edition artwork hints at more Zombies map remasters and undead Operators
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Jack Marsh


30th May 2024 09:06

The wait for some solid Zombies content is nearly over, as Treyarch's signature mode in the Call of Duty series is reanimating from its dead status once again.

Traditional, round-based Zombies has been almost forgotten after a record four years out of the main series, with fans lukewarm on the Modern Warfare 3 variant.

But Treyarch's undead hands have twitched and are clasping the CoD wheel once again, and leaked Black Ops 6 art continues to hint at some major revivals.

Leaked Black Ops 6 Vault Edition art includes two Zombies Operators 

For those who love a cosmetic in Call of Duty, Black Ops 6 is set to light up your heart right from the get-go, as leaked art for the Vault Edition shows two Zombies Operators and Gobblegums as rewards.

Following CoD HQ's update for Modern Warfare 3 Season 4, leakers have now found art that shows the Black Ops 6 Vault Edition will give players Frank Woods Bonus Operators, Zombies-themed aetherial Weapon Blueprints, Gobblegums, and a BlackCell pass.

The BlackCell pass will host four new Operators too, including Mob of the Dead's Brutus and Mauer der Toten's Klaus.

Both Brutus and Klaus have never been playable characters in Call of Duty, only ever NPCs in Zombies, which means these skins could be hinting towards something bigger, such as remasters of the Zombies maps they originate from.

The Frank Woods Operator also comes with three variants, including one "The Numbers" inspired skin and another which will see the famed Black Ops character being zombified.

Is Treyarch building up to a Zombies Chronicles 2?

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Already, we've seen Treyarch hint towards a lot of Zombies references. Saddam Hussein, Margaret Thatcher, and Bill Clinton have all been seen skirting around the Pentagon in teasers that could point towards Five remastered - and Zombies gurus appear to have cracked an Easter egg in the promotion art that puts TranZit 2 and Green Run firmly in the crosshairs for Black Ops 6.

Now, we've got two more references to maps throughout the ages with Mob of the Dead and Mauer der Toten.

So, four separate maps being mentioned before the main trailer has even aired does stir up some connotations of Zombies Chronicles 2, which has been both leaked and yearned after for years.

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With Klaus and Brutus coming to multiplayer, now we need Buried's George, Five's Doctor, and who wouldn't love a Call of the Dead, TranZit's bus driver, and The Giant.

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