Perks are a vital part of any loadout in Warzone, but some stand out from the rest of the pack.

19:00, 19 Jul 2020

Perks are an extremely vital part of any custom loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone. While your weapon is what earns you kills, the perks you pick can be the difference between you staying alive and dying. In Warzone, there are three different categories that contain six perks each, making 18 total. However, among these 18, there are only a certain few that can be considered viable in a battle royale setting. Today, we’ll be going over which perks are best for any loadout and will help you reach the end of a match. 

Best Warzone Perks

To start off, we’ll list the one perk that is the most essential to any loadout in Warzone: Ghost. While an argument can be made for other perks, Ghost is a key part of your set up that could make or break your survival. If you’ve played Warzone, then you most likely know what Ghost does. However, if you’re a newer player, this second slot perk keeps you off the radar when a UAV or Radar Drone is called in. You also won’t appear on Heartbeat Sensors, which is an extremely popular piece of equipment in the current Warzone meta. 

Ghost should be the clear-cut choice when selecting your second slot perk. It’s the most beneficial to your overall game and doesn’t have a true counter. In terms of a tougher choice though, let’s move on to the first slot selection. 

This category features three perks that are useful for most loadouts you can put together. Let’s first talk about E.O.D., which is arguably the more helpful of the three. E.O.D. essentially lessens the damage you take from player explosives and fire. Unfortunately, it doesn’t protect against explosives from killstreaks. Even so, E.O.D. can save you from a plethora of situations, especially when enemies are chucking C4s or shooting RPGs your way. This perk is a great choice if you’re running an overall balanced loadout. 

Although, if you want to go with a more playstyle-specific loadout, we recommend either Cold-Blooded or Double Time. In regards to Cold-Blooded, this perk is excellent if you’re playing a little more passively. While thermal scopes aren’t as popular as they once were, some players do still run them on assault rifles or snipers. Cold-Blooded helps to protect you from thermal scopes as well as enemy-targeting killstreaks. So, if you’re sitting on a rooftop or mountain, you can’t be easily picked off by a thermal scope.

Best Warzone Perks

Double-Time, on the other hand, is perfect for the opposite playstyle, which is running and gunning. Mostly useful with a submachine-gun or even a light machine-gun, Double-Time doubles the duration of your Tactical Sprint. With this perk in hand, you can cover large areas and surprise unsuspecting enemies much quicker. Pairing this with something like a Bruen-MK9 LMG turns you into a one-man wrecking crew. 

Lastly, we have the perk three slot, which should be occupied by one perk: Tracker. This useful tool allows you to see a trail of enemy footsteps. Helpful in nearly all situations, Tracker is best-served in a solo game mode, as the footsteps are easy to keep track of. However, using the perk whilst playing duos or squads isn’t a bad idea by any means. Be careful though, as mindlessly following the trail of footsteps can get you killed if you’re not paying attention. 

For an honourable mention to our best Warzone perks list, we’d like to include the combination of Overkill and Amped. As most know, Overkill allows you to carry two primary weapons instead of one. While this perk was overpowered at the beginning of Warzone, most opt for Ghost in the second slot in the current meta. Although, pairing Overkill with Amped is a sneaky good strategy. Amped increases your weapon swap speed but only for other primary weapons. The perk does not apply to pistols or knives, so using it with Overkill grants you the weapon swap speed bonus. This is a great pairing if you want to use two primary weapons for some extra firepower.


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