The Supply Run Contract was added in the Season 4 Reloaded update, here's how best to use them...

17:00, 03 Jul 2020

Warzone fanatics will have realised that there is a new contract available in Verdansk, the Supply Run Contract. This joins the Scavenger, Recon, Bounty and Most Wanted contracts for ways you can manipulate Warzone to your advantage, earning an influx in cash, armour plates and weapons.

The Supply Run contract works slightly different from other contracts, where you will be rewarded with discounts at a buy station rather than a selection of the finest loot in Verdansk. Once activated, it will select a nearby Buy Station in which you can travel too and receive huge discounts on everything you can buy there. However, it’s not always this straight forward. Here’s our Call of Duty tips on how best to use the Supply Run contracts.

#1 – Movement

Upon activation, a nearby Buy Station will be allocated, however, this doesn’t mean that it will be the closest one. It will randomly select a station that will be within close proximity that is within running distance. To take full advantage of this though, it’s best to have a vehicle nearby where you can make it there within good time and not get picked off whilst running through the open to it. Park up nearby and scout out the area with enough time to dip to the station and get your supplies. Speed is key here as you only have two minutes.

#2 – UAVs

UAVs are key in Warzone, and you should use them to your full advantage with the Supply Run contract. With heavily discounted rates it’s best that you pop a UAV as soon as you get there to make sure that there are no enemies in the vicinity. You will also be able to purchase multiple UAVs and get yourself the advanced UAV or Orbital VSAT. This will identify everybody on the map, even those with Ghost on.

Supply Run Contract

#3 – Go prepared

Before activating the Supply Run Contract make sure you have enough cash to make the most out of it. Using this properly can change the game for you in Warzone and give you the competitive edge over your opponents. Gathering as much cash as possible before activating it and proceeding to the Buy Station will benefit you greatly.

#4 – Vary your purchases

If you’re playing with a duo, trio or quad, you will want to vary what you purchase throughout the team. Every player should get the fundamentals, such as a Self-Revive and Gas Mask, to set yourself in good stead for enemy encounters. You should then vary which killstreaks and field upgrades that your squad has. Having a combination of Munition Boxes and Armour Boxes will be effective come late game, especially if you’re posted up in a building or pinned down in the open. On top of your UAVs you should then have a mixture of Killstreaks, from more UAVs to airstrikes. Having an even combination will give you a good chance of being able to locate and decimate your opponent’s come the final circles.

The Supply Run contract is a neat way of becoming a powerhouse on Warzone, but only if you use it correctly.

Images via Activision

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