BenQ's latest USB-C dock has its sights set on your console

BenQ's latest USB-C dock has its sights set on your console

Written by 

Lloyd Coombes


30th Nov 2023 12:55

Readers, I have a problem - I just love USB-C docking stations. I must own about four of them, constantly plugging things into my MacBook to get it to feel like my dream desktop.

That means I've seen a lot of similar products, and they certainly start to blend into one after a while. BenQ's latest effort, the catchily-named beCreatus DP1310, is very different - and not just because it has a big green button on the front.

BenQ beCreatus DP1310 is a USB-C dock for your PlayStation or Xbox

The beCreatus DP1310 has USB-C and HDMI inputs, and is aimed at productivity enthusiasts, those who like to play games at their desks, or people like me who sit in the middle of that particular Venn diagram.

With one touch, you can switch from device to device, and BenQ's key art, which features Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo consoles, is really leaning into its potential as an easy way to jump into a quick game of EA FC 24 on a lunch break.

That's thanks to HDMI 2.1, which supports up to 120Hz refresh rate for 4K, or 8K for 60Hz. That means, providing your monitor is good for gaming, you'll be able to switch from your work to your Ultimate Team in seconds.

It also packs multiple USB-A and USB-C ports for connecting peripherals like storage and other interfaces, and one USB-C port has 100w power delivery for charging a compatible laptop. It can help drive three 4K monitors at 60Hz, too.

As someone who is weirdly into docking solutions, this one has definitely caught my eye. While I have a pretty slimline section of my desk where I can fit options like this, it's definitely on the more compact side at ‎6.14 x 4.06 x 1.57 inches.

You can buy the BenQ beCreatus 13-in-1 USB-C Hybrid Dock from Amazon.

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