The Warzone streamer has predicted that the Gallo SA12 could be better than the FFAR.

17:36, 29 Mar 2021

Dominance in Call of Duty: Warzone heavily relies on the tools that you're building with. Although movement, skill, aim, and a portion of luck come into consideration when trying to get that all-important 'dub', your arsenal range is critical. 

Many of the top players on Verdansk can be seen bunny hopping around with the AUG Tactical Rifle from Black Ops Cold War, with a teammate or three with sniper glints all aimed straight towards your face. However, when it comes to getting up-close and personal, especially in buildings and in the latter stages of games, your secondary weapon becomes your go-to weapon of choice. Here, the meta is in disarray, with many people switch between the deadly FFAR if you're a keen collector of ammunition, the MAC-10 Submachine Gun, or this new kid on the block: the Gallo SA12 Shotgun.

Based on the old timeless classic SPAS-12, the shotgun packs one hell of a punch, leaving your opponents looking like they've been through 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. 

According to New York Subliners' Aydan “Aydan” Conrad (dubbed as the best Warzone player on the planet right now) the Gallo SA12 Shotgun could be the new meta. 

Taking to his latest YouTube update, Aydan said: "I was known for using Shotguns – the Origin, the R9, and being really good with them. So I love to see Shotguns into the meta.”


"They don’t take as much skill, so it’s kind of annoying, you know? But if I can get one in my hands, I’ll be nasty with it for sure."

Compared to the FFAR, Aydan still thinks the current playstyle favours the automatic weapon, although nerfs are common when it comes to Assault Rifles, leaving the door wide open for a shotgun. 

Aydan's Gallo SA12 Warzone Loadout

As for the attachments, here's Aydan's masterpiece:

  • Muzzle - Agency Choke
  • Barrel - 21.4" Reinforced Heavy
  • Laser - Ember Sighting Point
  • Stock - No Stock
  • Ammunition - STANAG 12 Round Tube

The Warzone wizard also added that a Throwing Knife and Amped is best paired with this weapon, to quickly finish off downed opponents and prevent a self-revive.



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Image via New York Subliners | Activision

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