Assassin's Creed Leak Teases Aztec Mythology For Next Game

Assassin's Creed Leak Teases Aztec Mythology For Next Game

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Tom Chapman


13th Jul 2022 13:58

Over the years, Ubisoft has kept us on our toes with a rotating roster of mythologies and periods in history with the Assassin's Creed games. Up there with Far Cry and Call of Duty in terms of being able to reinvent itself, Assassin's Creed has (almost) done it all. 

More than ever, Ubisoft looks ready to expand the Assassin's Creed franchise out. As well as the Basim-led Assassin's Creed Rift, there's the VR Assassin's Creed Nexus, and the live-service Assassin's Creed Infinity that could be the next mainline entry. As for where we go next, the latest rumours claim we'll be exploring Aztec mythology.

Will Assassin's Creed Explore Aztec Mythology?

Since Assassin's Creed Origins helped redefine the franchise in 2017, we've had a whistle-stop tour through Egyptian, Grecian, and Norse mythology. According to ACG, aka @JeremyPenter, Ubisoft is taking us to Mesoamerican culture of central Mexico. There are a lot of rumours flying around right now, and while we've already heard about Basim's smaller and stealth-related game, it's unclear where the latest news fits in. 

The account has a trusted track record with the likes of Far Cry Primal, but still, take the leak with a pinch of salt. If it's the real deal, the next Assassin's Creed game could be set somewhere between 1300 and 1521. Typically, AC explores regions in Europe, so a jump to North America can mix things up a bit.

We have had some nods to this Mayan culture before, with Ah Tabai having a part to play in the beloved Black Flag. There's no source for the leak, while Bloomberg's Jason Schreier tried to debunk the whole thing. Writing on ResetEra, Schreier maintains, "Would be some wacky time travel shenanigans if Basim went to the Aztec Empire. I've also heard about the two main games in development as part of AC Infinity, and neither of them are Aztec. Maybe there’s some super secret spinoff in production somewhere, but I haven't heard of it!"


What Do Fans Think Of An Aztec Assassin's Creed Game?

The idea of an Aztec Assassin's Creed is already picking up steam on Twitter. One supporter wrote, "That’s be a cool setting but man they need to do something to change it up a bit. Playing through Valhalla atm and the Ubifatigue set in much quicker than it has in the past," while another added, "If anything feel like it would be Inca - Machu Picchu, llamas, founding story features a magic staff (easy to tie into the alien race or whatever), lot of verticality in the setting, conquistadors as enemies. El Dorado as DLC."

A third gave their own ideas and said: "Spain hasn't had a game yet during the Reconquista. Chinas Three kingdom period. Japan's Sengoku period maybe India as recent as 19th/20th Century." Away from the theming, others are excited to see if the series can pivot to something new. "Honestly live service might do the series some good. The rpg formula didn't work out, and they sure as hell ain't going back to unity's system," said someone else. It's true that there's been a demand for an Aztec-set Assassin's Creed game for years, but it remains to be seen whether it'll actually come to pass. 

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