Assassin's Creed Fans Are Calling For A Cold War Game

Assassin's Creed Fans Are Calling For A Cold War Game
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Joseph Kime


26th Jul 2022 12:25

It's not like Assassin's Creed is going to run out of history to cover, but for some, it's starting to feel like it. We've had so many games in the series, that it might seem as though the locations left to pick from are thinning, despite having all of time to play with.

The Animus adventures set themselves up nicely with the first couple of games that introduced the potential to be any kind of killer in any corner of history, and it created a nice dynamic - but its limitlessness has pushed fans to get demanding with what comes next. And they clearly can't stop, because they're now demanding a Cold War game.

Why Do Assassin's Creed Fans Want A Cold War Game?

Of all the places that we could see an Assassin's Creed game take place in, fans are now calling for a game in the series set during the Cold War. The game would have the most recent setting in the franchise's history, but that hasn't deterred fans from calling for an Ubisoft adventure that takes us through espionage and subterfuge.

In a post on the Assassin's Creed subreddit, user mrstarfield1999 shared their thoughts on what a game in the series would look like if it came all the way forward to the 80s for a spy thriller. One supported the idea and said, "Spy vs spy would be a great fit for AC. I imagine this would feel sorta like a cross between Syndicate and Chronicles Russia. This is also around Abstergo's rise to power so that would probably be a main focus."

Another added, "Berlin from WW2 to 1989 would be a fascinating location. Perfect for a proper spy thriller," while a third said, "Anything above 1900s in the animus nope, but if they made a game where modern day is Cold War that's different." Yet, sadly, it doesn't look like something like this would be coming soon. Because to be fair, the franchise is pretty busy.


What's Next For Assassin's Creed?

As of right now - and according to sources - Assassin's Creed has its hands full with multiple games in the works. Assassin's Creed Infinity is still on the way, and two projects are set to be based on the framework that it'll create - Project Rift, a standalone game set closely to Valhalla, and Project Red, a game that's theorised to take place in Asia.

Despite some complaints we're doing a Call of Duty and rattling through games too quickly, that hasn't stopped Ubisoft from expanding this world more than ever. Speaking of which, a Cold War outing would follow in the footsteps of the CoDverse. There's a lot going on with Assassin's Creed right now, and though a Cold War story might not be in the mix, the future is still bright for Ubisoft's golden boy. 

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