Apex Legends players claim ‘monster’ Revenant needs nerfs

Apex Legends players claim ‘monster’ Revenant needs nerfs
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Alex Garton


13th Sep 2023 15:40

Before Apex Legends Season 18, Revenant was a character who rarely got much attention from the community. He was always sitting at the bottom of the popularity charts, and most were used to it.

Following his Revenant Reborn rework, the Synthetic Nightmare has become a true solo-carry Legend in the Outlands, perfect for competitors who love to take aggressive skirmishes.

While his iconic Death Totem was removed, it's been replaced with a shield that allows Rev to negate a huge amount of damage and take control of gunfights.

Although his changes were praised at the beginning of Season 18, some players believe it's time Revenant was taken down a peg and hit with some nerfs.

Apex Legends fans call for hard Revenant nerfs

Taking to the Apex Legends subreddit, user XIITwelve12_ has claimed they are "fed up" with Revenant and argue his new abilities have transformed him into an "absolute monster." For them, his kit is far too overloaded, while the new Ultimate shield is "ridiculous."

Overall, a lot of fans agreed with this statement, arguing that he's frustrating to play against as it feels like you're fighting against a tank and wasting bullets.

"I hit one with two charge sentinels and all it did was break his armour, I don’t even understand how it works because so many fights I’m in his shields are never-ending," said one user. Another put forward that "whenever I see a Rev now, all I can think about is how I'm either going to die or this will be a hard fight."

It's clear the primary issue for players is Rev's Ultimate, so reducing the amount of shield damage he can negate could be a simple nerf to implement, if the devs think it's necessary.

How popular is Revenant in Apex Legends Season 18?

Revenant Apex Legends
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Typically, when a new Legend or reworked character arrives in the Outlands, they dominate the pick rate charts for a few weeks and then plummet downwards.

This was seen with Newcastle, Ballistic, Vantage and more, but Revenant has broken this trend and remained at the top for an extended period.

Sitting at an impressive 8.8%, he's currently the second most popular Legend in the game, only just behind Octane.

Whether Resapwn thinks Revenant is overturned is a mystery for now, but it's obvious some fans are getting tired of the Synthetic Nightmare and are desperate for the devs to take action.

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