Apex Legends fans call for hard Horizon nerf after seeing ALGS pick rate

Apex Legends fans call for hard Horizon nerf after seeing ALGS pick rate
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11th Sep 2023 17:10

The Year 3 ALGS Championship has finally concluded with the experienced TSM clutching up and snatching the crown.

Now the event has come to an end, a lot of the Apex Legends community has started analysing the data from the pros and the Legends they decided to use the most.

One of the most popular Legends at Champs was Horizon, with the Gravitational Manipulator offering great verticality, crowd control, and overall mobility. After seeing her extremely high pick rate in the ALGS, some fans have called for Horizon to be hit with hard nerfs.

Apex Legends players call for more Horizon nerfs


Shortly after the ALGS Champs concluded, the pick rates for all the Legends across the event were posted on the Apex Legends subreddit, with Bangalore at the top with 77.4%, Catalyst in second at 77%, and Horizon at 68.1%.

While not the most popular character among the pros, Apex fans still believe that Horizon is the most unbalanced of the bunch. For them, her kit is too overloaded and offers far too much in skirmishes when compared to other legends.

"Once again I'm asking for the Space B***h to get nerf, Cat and Bang are balanced but that space B***h is not balanced," said one user, with another arguing, "Maybe Horizon will FINALLY get a deserved nerf to the underground."

What's Horizon's pick rate in Season 18?

Horizon Apex Legends
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In terms of Horizon's pick rate in standard play, she's currently sitting at 8%, according to the data from Apex Legends Status.

This puts her in fifth in the overall popularity rankings, and by the looks of it, she's going to eclipse Wraith very soon.

If her stock continues to rise, there's a chance Respawn step in with nerfs in Season 19, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Either way, it's clear some of the community is getting frustrated with the Gravitational Manipulator's powerful abilities, and want her to be taken down a level very soon.

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