Apex Legends Players Already Hate The Level Cap Increase

Apex Legends Players Already Hate The Level Cap Increase
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Joseph Kime


26th Jul 2022 10:32

It's really starting to feel like Apex Legends will never slow down. And frankly, it has no reason to. The battle royale competitor that's making the giants quake in their boots as it grows with more weapons, game modes, and playable Legends.

Basically, it gets even better with every new addition. As part of Apex Legends' growth, it's letting players grow too, extending the game's level cap so they can earn more rewards on the way up - but some fans aren't particularly happy about it. Standard.

What Is The New Apex Legends Level Cap?

Apex Legends Players Already Hate The Level Cap Increase
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Respawn has confirmed on Apex Legends' website that the upcoming update will not only be bringing a new Legend in the form of Vantage and some fresh changes - it's also going to be upping the game's level cap. Well, it's about time. 

For a long time, the highest that players could level up to was level 500, and though it was a comfortable place to stop for many, the sweatiest of Apex's players still wanted more. And thankfully, it's coming.

"Aim for staggering heights with the new Level Cap Increase," reads the site. It doesn't reveal just how high the capacity will reach, but fans are speculating that it could go as far as level 700. But not everyone is happy about the news.


What Do Apex Legends Fans Think About The New Level Cap

The level cap is good news for some, but players are upset that this change, which seems menial to many, has come before the game gets cross-progression. "Who needs cross-progression when I can simply feel a sense of pride and accomplishment from earning an additional 5 Apex Packs over the course of several hundred hours," fumed one. Another grumbled, "Surely this will satisfy everyone who intends to do No Apex August."

A third raged, "Man can we get an actual solid update. No one cares about a level cap change. We need game modes. More ranked modes. More stuff to do. More badges to earn. Real in-game sh*t. Not mindless f***ery. Come on. When did the bar get so f*****g low?" A lot of players are frustrated with the lack of cross-progression, which would bolster the game in many ways - but in the meantime, they're just going to have to settle for what they've been offered. Sorry.

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