Apex Legends Might Stop Releasing New Characters With Each Season

Apex Legends Might Stop Releasing New Characters With Each Season
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Mel Ramsay


6th May 2022 14:36

Apex Legends releasing a new Legend every season is something that we have all become accustomed to. The hype is real. However, a new interview has revealed that this could be set to change. 

In a new interview with Dexerto, Senior Character Designer of the game, Devan McGuire, revealed that he and the team have an "ongoing discussion" regarding the release of new characters, and that they are conscious of "saturating the pool."

This is a fair comment, as in the three years since we took our first steps into Kings Canyon, we now have 12 more Legends than we started with. 

What Has The Apex Team Said About New Legends?

Mad Maggie Apex Legends
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McGuire explained that the team's main focus is gunplay, rather than Legends' abilities. However, the issue also lies with ensuring each of them are "unique, without being overpowered, or too niche."

He added that there could be a "breaking point" where adding new Legends wouldn't be beneficial to the game. Saying: "Whether or not that pattern [of a new Legend every season] continues is an ongoing discussion, and it might not be changed, but we don’t want to saturate the pool [of Legends]."

Will We Still Be Getting New Legends In Every Season Of Apex Legends?

For the time being, yes. The breaking point that McGuire alluded to has not yet been reached. However, he did confirm that there won't be two new Legends joining the game at the same time for the foreseeable future (if ever again). 

The whole situation makes a lot of sense, as putting Legends into the game simply for the sake of meeting players' expectations could lead to disappointment if the characters aren't as well-rounded and unique as we've grown to expect. So this revelation shouldn't be too surprising to those who eagerly anticipate the next season. 


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