The Outlands is getting spooky, but when does Apex Legends Fight or Fright 2020 Start?

17:25, 20 Oct 2020

"Darkness finally has its day". The Outlands is being submerged to the underworld throughout the spook season, as the legends will be coming together to fight off the ghouls of hell, before turning on each other in the sinister Fight or Fright limited-time event.

The event will also play host to the spine-chilling, hair-raising, zombifying Shadow Royale game mode, where teammates will remain as "shadows" as long as one legend remains, with the fallen foes having the ability to revive the living before they descend to hell. 

So, Apex Legends fanatics, you must be dying to know when this all kicks off, right?

When does Apex Legends Fight or Fright Start?

Fight or Fright will commence on October 22, spanning until November 3. As part of the event, there will be a number of weekly and daily challenges that will take players up until the final day, allowing for “devilishly delectable rewards” to be earnt. Ranging from ghastly new quips to eerie resurrected skins, the Fight or Fright event will have something that will have even the bravest legends quivering in their Loba boots. If only they were legendary boots – the newest legend will not receive a legendary skin, although the likes of Revenant and Bloodhound are set to get their freak on.

What’s new in the Fight or Fright event?

Within the trailer, released via the official Apex Legends Twitter account, many new features can be seen, alongside the first glimpse at some of the terrifying skins. Features such as new explosive weapon mechanics and wall running can be seen throughout the gameplay, meaning not only will the cosmetics be at an all-time high, you’ll be gunning down players from the skies and dodging Arc Stars as they rain from the heavens.


Starting October 22, the event will kick-off, so grab your Octane stim, as you’ll want to swiftly get away from what lurks in the shadows of Kings Canyon this Halloween.


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Image via EA

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