Love it or hate it - the new armour system is here to stay.

17:00, 26 Aug 2020

Each new season of Apex Legends brings it with it a whole host of changes, and Season 6: Boosted was no different. We finally got a new weapon to play with in the form of the Volt SMG, a new Legend to main in Rampart, and a big change to the armour system. But one of these things is not like the other, that is, one is proving to have a Marmite effect on the Apex Legends player base.

At dawn on update day of Season 6, the news broke – shields, as we knew them, were gone. No longer would we be able to find a “normal” Purple shield on the ground – we would now find “pre-levelled” Evo armour. The reworked armour system has divided fans – those who like having to deal damage to level up their shields are obviously happy, but those who would rather rely on RNG to get their loot, are not.

The slight HP nerf of the armour has also been a contentious topic – they were all reduced by 25 health points. Meaning players with Purple and Gold Armour have 175 health, not 200, and maxed out Red Armour gets you to 200 health – not 225.

Gold Armour is no longer more powerful than Purple, and the HP reduction is causing quite the stir amongst Apex fans.

When Evo Armour was first introduced as part of the Apex Legends System Override Collection Event in February, in the Deja Loot LTM (limited-time mode). Evo Shields were ground loot, along with standard shields, and came in White, with three additional stages - Blue, Purple, then Red (omitting Gold). The Red Evo Shield is stronger than the standard Gold Shield. 

Players who loved the idea of having to deal damage or knock players to level up the armour to the all-powerful Red would clamour to pick them up, even at their base 25 HP level. Now, a player who happens upon a Purple/Gold shield will automatically have a better chance at achieving Red – and in a shorter period.

Thankfully, the Apex Legends fan base appear to be more concerned with the new reduced overall HP of the shields, rather than the concept of them.

As Season 6 has only just begun, it looks to be a while before developers Respawn Entertainment take this criticism on board, and even then, we may just be stuck with the Evo Armour for the foreseeable future. 


Images via Respawn Entertainment 

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