Apex Legends Adds Solo Mode - But There's A Catch

Apex Legends Adds Solo Mode - But There's A Catch
Images: Respawn Entertainment

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Joseph Kime


7th Oct 2022 09:20

Apex Legends can be seriously competitive, and many players go to extreme lengths to prove their mettle. A standard strategy for some players (primarily YouTubers, to be fair) is to drop into games as an unofficial party of one - joining duos games while switching off automatic team queuing.

The tactic is interesting, and does certainly prove a player's worth, but it does give them a disadvantage. These players have been hoping for an official option to queue solo, and it appears to finally be here... with your classic catch.

Can You Play Apex Legends Solo?

Ah. Well, that's going to rustle some feathers. A permanent Solos is officially making its way to Apex Legends, but it turns out that it's only going to be available for the mobile version of the game. So, grab your phones and get ready to jump off the dropship on your morning commute.

The new mode has been referenced in the patch notes that coincide with the Aftershow season. It's available now, with an "ultimate solo challenge" that sees players simply drop in by themselves. Leaks previously claimed a solo mode would be landing in mobile before console and PC, we just didn't know when. 

It sounds like a compelling addition to the mobile version of the game, but as the controversy around the discrepancies between the mobile and standard ports of Apex Legends continues to constrict around the shooter's community, this is only going to douse the fire with gasoline. As a small glimmer of hope, this taste of Solos could be a marker of things to come.


Solo Could Be Coming To Mainline Apex Legends Soon

Though the mobile version of Apex Legends and its versions on console and PC are growing further apart by the day, there's every chance that this solo mode arrived first on mobile as a way of testing how players experience it.

Apex seems to know that players want Solos, so we imagine the deployment of this new mode is a way of testing how it goes down with casual players. It definitely beats throwing it straight to the sweaty pros who are desperate for a chance to prove themselves. We'll just have to wait to see whether an Apex Legends Solo comes to the classic additions, but in the meantime, fans are going to be mad. What's new, eh?

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