Apex Legends Accused of Pay-To-Win Cosmetic

Apex Legends Accused of Pay-To-Win Cosmetic
Images: Respawn Entertainment

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Joseph Kime


30th Sep 2022 12:51

Apex Legends has had a pretty good track record with its cosmetics. The shooter has done an incredibly good job of balancing top-quality skins, charms, and other bits to keep fans happy with how their characters look without succumbing to the crossover tactic that much of the rest of the battle royale world has given into.

Sadly, some players are concerned about a new skydive emote. The likes of Call of Duty and Fortnite are used to pay-to-win skin scandals, but this is a relatively new one for Apex. Well, we guess they have to be concerned about something, we suppose.

Apex Legends Fans Claim Skydive Is 'Pay-To-Win'

A new video by YouTuber Skeptation (via Dexerto) has claimed that a new Skydive emote fits the bill of a 'pay-to-win' cosmetic. The video suggests that the 'Flaunt It' emote for Loba has her dart around in the air too fast. 

This means that Loba is zooming around at such a rate, players simply can't shoot her with any hope of landing a bullet on her body.  The OP has a similar complaint about Wraith's 'Think Fast' emote, which has her duck in and out of portals - leaving the Legend with split seconds in which she is untouchable.

The comments on the video are very much team Skeptation, and they certainly have a point. It's frustrating that there are moments in emotes where players aren't able to be killed, but then again, we might be making a mountain out of a molehill.


Are Skydive Emotes Really That Big A Deal?

Of course, it's frustrating that the slight discrepancies in skydive emotes mean that there are windows where players can't be harmed. Frankly, the problem is so menial and split-second that it's hard to say that this is having a particularly meaningful impact on regular gameplay.

It's true that Apex Legends is so without problems, this is something players are gravitating towards. Respawn is lucky that Apex has such little troubleshooting, if this is deemed a real problem at the top, it'll get jumped on sharpish. Until then, though, you're sadly going to have to suffer the single frames in which Loba and Wraith can't be hurt as they hurtle out of the sky. Sorry to break it to you.

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