Animal Crossover: Check Out These Creative Ideas in Animal Crossing!

Animal Crossover: Check Out These Creative Ideas in Animal Crossing!

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Mackenzie O Brien


13th Jun 2020 19:00

Animal Crossing: New Horizons took the world by storm after its release on March 20, but the game is still not done capturing player's hearts and imaginations. Despite it being knocked from the #1 seller spot by Minecraft Dungeons, people are still talking about Animal Crossing... and creating their own spin on other worlds in the Animal Crossing universe!

Animal Crossing Creative Ideas
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Image via Gary Whitta

Night-time talk show Animal Talking was one of the first instances of Animal Crossing: New Horizons being used to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. On April 26, Gary Whitta kicked off this new show, which was meant to fill the void left when talk show hosts like Kimmel and Colbert had to record from their homes due to studio closures.

Some late-night shows continued via Zoom skits, but they did not have the same feel that a talk show with a real set and a studio did... So Gary Whitta created a studio in his Animal Crossing: New Horizons basement, and what started out as him and his friends joking around became an actual talk show with guests and celebrity appearances.

So far, guests like Danny Trejo, T-Pain, Elijah Wood, and Greg Grunberg have appeared on the show... and it's still going! A second season of the show began on June 1 and in its announcement trailer, an interview with Danny Trejo, Elijah Wood, and Jessica (from the island that Wood surprise-visited back in April) was teased. Danny Trejo even has his own show on Gary Whitta's channel, which is surprisingly wholesome and fun, considering Trejo's roles in Machete, Predators, and Breaking Bad.

Other than talk shows, fans have been busy at work recreating movie and television show scenes with Animal Crossing villagers. Everything from Adventure Time to Avatar: The Last Airbender to even Star Wars Revenge of the Sith have been created using Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Even official crossovers have happened, with Jersey Shore tweeting out a video of Pauly D's wedding scene recreated in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

A fan has even recreated the entire Super Smash Brothers Ultimate cast in Animal Crossing, an endeavour that he stated took over four hundred hours. Redditor DJ-Dez is responsible for this awesome crossover and he meticulously dressed up villager characters in special items and custom outfits to make the Smash roster a reality in the Animal Crossing World.

Probably the funniest part of the entire roster is Isabelle. She plays herself in this massive line-up, amidst villager characters essentially cosplaying their Smash Ultimate counterparts. This is a fun touch and helps make this creative project stand out even more.

Animal Crossing Creative Ideas
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The crossovers don't stop there, though! Pokémon was recreated in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, to great fanfare. The Pokémon and Animal Crossing crossover is extremely ambitious, featuring everything from cut scene dialogue between Professor Oak and Ash to battles against other villagers and even Gary Oak himself. Redditor The Nooksters brought this project to life and even created a unique battle UI that replicates the one seen at the beginning of Pokémon.

This crossover recreates the starting areas in Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green and you can do everything from naming your hero to picking your starter Pokemon (which in this case is an Animal Crossing villager). Fantastic video editing and costumes designed by another fan, salmon_eaterr on Twitter, helped bring this project to life. Many fans seemed to think this crossover was an official one between both Pokémon and Animal Crossing. It is not, but the high production value shows The Nooksters' dedication to both series and a keen eye for editing and detail.

The list goes on and on with the vast number of crossovers created with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Everything from Parks and Rec to Full Metal Alchemist to even Outrun has been created using Animal Crossing characters, custom outfits and furniture, and a lot of creative inspiration.

These crossovers are not only inspirational, but they also show just how many people the game has impacted. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is so special to its players that they want to bring their favourite shows, games, and movies into it to create something new and fun.

That really seems to be the spirit of Animal Crossing, bringing people together in the most unexpected of ways. So whether you're recreating your favourite game or movie, getting married, watching Animal Talking, or having a business conference, one thing is for certain: Animal Crossing is more than just a game to its fans. It's something much more unique, something that helped bring people together in the toughest of times and in completely unexpected ways.

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Image via @thedevelopnik

Everything from schools to corporations have been using Animal Crossing to bridge the gap created by social distancing... and now fans are using it to make the things they love, but with an Animal Crossing twist. Who knows what exciting stuff fans will create; and that's the best part-- you never know how much fans will push the limit of the game to create more of what they love in it!


Images via Nintendo

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