Become a wedding planner and compete in a Bug-Off!

17:00, 01 Jun 2020

25/06: A new update is here! Check out the latest Summer Update info right here.

June is here, and for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players, so are many new features and additions to their favourite game! Log on to your island and catch new varieties of bugs and fish, as well as competing in bug-catching contests, and hunt down the elusive Great White Shark.

That’s not all, as Wedding Season is here! Fly to Harv’s Photo Studio Island to help Reese and Cyrus out on their big day as head Photographer to earn amazing wedding-themed rewards.

Here are the top 3 most exciting June updates for ACNH:

Animal Crossing New Horizons Update

1. Sharks!

Sharks are now swimming in the deep blue oceans of your Island, and their notorious fins are visible in shadows, meaning you can spy these deadly sea creatures and reel them in, for massive profit. As well as these apex predators, many more new fish and bugs are now available to catch, sell, and donate to Blathers on the Northern Hemisphere to celebrate the Summer season. 

Here are all the catchable bugs and fish in June for both hemispheres, including shadow size, catching location and price to sell. 

Northern Hemisphere Fish

Arowana – River – Medium - 10,000 Bells 
Arapaima – River – Large - 10,000 Bells
Dorado – River – Large - 15,000 Bells 
Giant snakehead – Pond – Large - 5,500 Bells
Gar – Pond – Largest - 6,000 Bells 
Tilapia – River – Medium - 800 Bells
Piranha – River – Small - 2,500 Bells
Saddled bichir – River – Medium - 4,000 Bells
Ribbon eel – Sea – Small - 600 Bells 
Whale shark – Sea – Largest - 13,000 Bells 
Suckerfish – Sea – Large - 1,500 Bells
Saw shark – Sea – Largest - 12,000 Bells
Hammerhead shark – Sea – Largest - 8,000 Bells 
Great white shark – Sea – Largest - 15,000 Bells

Southern Hemisphere Fish 

Oarfish – Sea – Largest - 9,000 Bells
Pond smelt – River – Small – 500 Bells
Stringfish – River – Large - 15,000 Bells 
Sea butterfly – Sea – Small - 1,000 Bells
Squid – Sea – Small - 500 Bells 

Northern Hemisphere Bugs

Drone beetle – Trees – 200 Bells
Emperor butterfly – Flying - 4,000 Bells 
Goliath beetle – Palm Trees - 8,000 Bells
Firefly – Flying – 300 Bells
Mosquito – Flying – 130 Bells
Rainbow stag – Trees - 6,000 Bells

Southern Hemisphere Bugs

Birdwing – Flying - 2,500 Bells
Dung beetle – Snowballs - 3,000 Bells
Emperor butterfly – Flying - 4,000 Bells

Animal Crossing New Horizons Update
The Happy Couple

2. It’s Wedding Season!

Head on over to Harv’s Island (Photopia) and help out Alpaca couple Reese and Cyrus in planning their nuptials and become their official wedding photographer. Doing this will earn heart crystals which you can exchange for great wedding-themed rewards in return for adhering to the strict brief. Each day there will be a new "theme" to decorate the set with for Reese and Cyrus' special day, ranging from "Chic" to "Ceremony" or "Reception".


3. Bug-Off Event

Insect-loving Flick is back and with a new event! The Bug-Off competition will take place in the Northern Hemisphere on the 27th of June, and between 9 am and 6 pm, catch as many bugs as you can in a 3-minute time period to win bug-themed prizes, ranging from Backpacks, Wallpapers, to Umbrellas.

ACNH is packing your summer full of fun activities, so make sure to log in every day, and check back at GGRecon for more updates.

Images via Nintendo

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