An Elden Ring TV series could finally be on the way

An Elden Ring TV series could finally be on the way
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4th Aug 2023 12:46

Game of Thrones, The Witcher, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, House of the Dragon, and more. If we've learned anything, it's that fantasy epics still mean big business on the small screen. While it's true that many accuse Netflix's The Witcher of falling off, fans are excitedly looking for their next fantasy fix.

It just so happens we're in a renaissance of video game adaptations for movies and TV, and although there are the odd missteps, the upcoming God of War, Fallout, and Ghost of Tsushima projects are poised to join The Last of Us as lauded retellings of the source material, but where is our live-action Elden Ring?

Fans think we're getting an Elden Ring TV series

A quarterly report by FromSoftware parent company, Kadokawa, has some interesting bits of information about the future of Elden Ring seemingly buried within. Although sales are (unsurprisingly) slowing down, the gaming company has seemingly grand plans for an expanded franchise. 

Kadokawa and FromSoftware hope to "maximize [the] lifetime value" of Elden Ring through "various measures." Although it all sounds like some cryptic jargon, we can pinpoint the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC as one major revenue stream. Still, details about the expansion are thin on the ground. 

It's been noticed that Elden Ring has been placed higher than Armored Core 6, suggesting an increased focus on the former. Over on Twitter, fans guessed what could be next. One guessed, "Netflix series incoming?" and others pointed to the recent rumours of a Dark Souls anime series for the streaming giant. 

Another joked, "Anime, comics, books, live action shows or any type of media And eventually the greatest cash cow of all time an Elden Ring mobile game. This is inevitable." This wouldn't be the first we've heard of similar ideas, as Bandai Namco's CEO previously said about "expanding the brand beyond the game itself." 

What's next for Elden Ring?

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Forget TV series or mythical anime, some are looking even further ahead at a potential Elden Ring 2. It's true that FromSoftware has left acclaimed outings like Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice as a one-and-done, but the Dark Souls and Armored Cores series have been churning them out. 

Earlier this year, there were whispers that a second Elden Ring DLC has been scrapped, and looking at how long it's taken to get Shadow of the Erdtree off the starting blocks, we're hardly surprised. Thankfully, no one is buying this is the end of the story - leading to hopes of more games and a move into other mediums.

You don't get George R.R. Martin on board to craft thousands of years of lore, just to cast your next big IP to the side. What form an expanded Eldenverse entails remains to be seen, but if someone doesn't snap up an R-rated anime series soon, we're likely to try and fun it ourselves. 

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