Anime Elden Ring Intro Shows Why We Need A Series Right Now

Anime Elden Ring Intro Shows Why We Need A Series Right Now
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16th Jan 2023 10:19

Elden Ring's mode of storytelling has already become incredibly iconic, and for good reason. FromSoftware came together to create a story that was equally spelled out to the player when it was issuing the most important details, but electing to leave the player in control of their destiny.

The game's narrative was told to players subtly with its intricate environments, and with even Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann saying he was heavily inspired by the company's approach, it's clear that Elden Ring's arc is an impressive one.

And now, as players call for some kind of adaptation, it seems that one fan has narrowed the game's essence into the perfect medium.

Fan Creates Elden Ring Anime Intro

We all know just how intense (and, frankly, f*****g sick) anime intros can be, creating a whirlwind of images and a rager of an intro song that perfectly represents the television episode to come.

Now, someone has offered the same treatment to FromSoftware's masterpiece. Thanks to Reddit user Macckerel, we have a look at what an Elden Ring anime opening could look like, and honestly, it's something of true beauty.

The video uses cinematic clips from the game and shots of gameplay to show off everything that lies in wait in Elden Ring, along with some credits and a belter of a song in the background. It's an incredibly impressive video, and honestly, it gets us amped up to take on the Lands Between all over again.

Fans React To Elden Ring's Anime Intro

Reacting to the video, fans suggest that the time that the user spent making this video instead of studying for their finals was time well spent.

"If I had an award to give you would have it," says one comment. "This is fantastic." "Stayed true to anime openings by having spoilers about almost every part of the story!" says another. Fair enough.

The video is incredibly impressive, and though we weren't sure about an adaptation of Elden Ring before it, we certainly are now. Someone give Denis Villeneuve a call.

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