Ghost of Tsushima TV series teased alongside movie

Ghost of Tsushima TV series teased alongside movie
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21st Jun 2023 11:00

Get ready to taste the cold metal of Jin Sakai's blade, as a Ghost of Tsushima TV series could be on the way. While we know a live-action movie based on Sucker Punch Productions' 2020 game is just over the horizon, this could be the start of a much bigger franchise.

Up there with The Last of Us and God of WarGhost of Tsushima is one of the titles that's defined Sony's first-party game catalogue. It's no surprise that alongside hopes of a sequel, the IP was quickly earmarked for the live-action treatment. After all, HBO's The Last of Us has firmly 'broken' the video game curse.

A Ghost of Tsushima series could be next

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John Wick Director Chad Stahelski is at the helm of the Ghost of Tsushima movie, with things slowly chugging along in the background. Given that Stahelski said he'd been inspired by HBO's The Last of Us series, it makes sense that he's already imagining how the story could continue in serialised form. 

Speaking to ComicBookMovie, Stahelski unveiled his grand plans for Ghost of Tsushima. "How do I pack that much information into a feature that can go on to other features or a TV project or platform for that, said Stahelski. "The trick is not do we have great material, we know we have great material."

He said his goal is to make it "palpable in any platform," adding, "How do we make a great two, two and a half hour movie out of this? Make it satisfying and leave it open to expand further from there, like that's the real challenge is how to take so much great and get it down to a watchable level." So, is Tsushima on TV confirmed?

What's going on with the Ghost of Tsushima movie?

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Promising the team is in "heavy development" on the movie, Stahelski hyped his Ghost of Tsushima adaptation as "the most anti-samurai samurai movie out there." First announced in March 2021, the Ghost of Tsushima movie doesn't currently have a release date but it sounds like it's doing well.

Stahelski previously told Collider he'd been influenced by classic samurai film director Akira Kurosawa, with ambitions for a Japanese cast and even Japanese language for his adaptation. Although this might not sound like the best way to sell tickets to a mass Western audience, he says Sony is "on board" with the idea.

As the Ghost of Tsushima movie sharpens its swords from the sidelines, it sounds like Stahelski is taking a left out of his John Wick handbook by branching out into a whole world of different stories, meaning Jin might not always be the focus. All we need now is for him to cast Rina Sawayama. You know it makes sense.

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