Alan Wake 2 is begging Rockstar not to release Red Dead Redemption remaster

Alan Wake 2 is begging Rockstar not to release Red Dead Redemption remaster
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20th Jul 2023 16:07

Alan Wake 2 looks phenomenal, with its return to the classic bizarre story that the first title set up, and a brand new gameplay style as Remedy steps into its first-ever survival-horror title. But that doesn't mean it's immune to the curses of the video game industry.

They can still be pitted against a gaming giant at the last minute at launch, tanking their sales and robbing a huge deal of the work put into the long-awaited title.

It seems that Remedy knows this too, as they've taken to the internet to issue a last-minute plea to Rockstar.

Alan Wake 2 dev begs Rockstar not to release RDR remastered in October

The end of the year is pretty competitive anyway when it comes to the arrival of video games, but there's one unrevealed game rumoured to come in 2023 that clearly has Alan Wake 2 developers worried.

There are rumours on the go that Rockstar has secretly been working on a remaster of Red Dead Redemption despite their public misconstruing of the failures of GTA: The Trilogy as fans not wanting remakes from the company. They've been swirling hard, and they've clearly reached the game director of Alan Wake 2, as he's made a public plea with the company not to endanger the game's sales.

"I swear to god, if the rumoured Red Dead remastered comes out on October 17th," Kyle Rowley says in a tweet. "Don't you do it @Rockstar Games. PLEASE!"

Fans still hold out for Alan Wake 2

Fans have taken to the replies of the twee to assure Rowley that even if RDR makes a bold return, there's little that could talk them out of prioritising the return to Wake's story.

"That would be poetic yet tragic," said one user. "Mainly for RDR, because I'm playing Alan Wake 2."

"As far as I'm concerned, October 17th is just the new adventure of the cursed writer," says another.

It's sweet that fans are rallying up even in the face of an industry titan - and it's proof that Alan Wake's story is a real powerhouse, even in spite of RDR. Bless.

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