A new Switch bundle has leaked, and it's a pretty good deal

A new Switch bundle has leaked, and it's a pretty good deal
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Joseph Kime


6th Nov 2023 09:58

The Nintendo Switch might be nearing the end of its life, but that doesn't mean that the team behind the home-handheld-hybrid is ready to give up on it in the meantime.

Many fans are expecting a brand new console to touch down next year, and whether it ends up being a souped-up version of the Switch that we know and love or something else entirely, we'll likely be there on day one - but still, the Switch is getting a lot of support, and Nintendo is more than willing to keep shipping consoles to retailers.

And now, as a pretty big surprise, a new bundle has arrived - and it's a pretty solid deal.

Nintendo Switch OLED Smash Bros bundle arrives on shelves

Without any kind of fanfare, Nintendo has revealed that there's a brand new bundle coming to shelves with the Nintendo Switch OLED, the edition of the console with a drastically brighter display.

The bundle features an OLED console with exclusive Joy-Con controllers that echo the Smash Ball that has become the iconography for the Smash Bros series, a digital copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and three months of Nintendo Switch Online in-package.

The Smash OLED Bundle seems like a great deal

An Inkling rolls over Samus and Mario with a paint roller in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
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We don't have any kind of pricing structure for the bundle just yet, but if you consider it alongside the other OLED console bundles on the market, this makes for a pretty great deal. Super Smash Bros Ultimate's price has hardly budged since it launched, and to package it with three months of Nintendo Switch Online is a nice addition that'll let the newbies to the fighter take to the servers to get shown how the pros really play the game. The poor things.

It's a shock that Nintendo hasn't made much noise about the console, as it very much seems like the right deal for fighting game fans. Rumours indicate that there could be a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe version coming too, so we'll have to keep our eyes peeled - but it looks as though, strangely, the year before it's expected to die, 2023 could be the best time to pick up a Switch.

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