Waffle Words Today: Wednesday July 13 2022

Waffle Words Today: Wednesday July 13 2022
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12th Jul 2022 21:00

The Waffle words today are likely to cause some head-scratching, so we have some clues for you that should help. Waffle is much like Wordle, but you have all the letters from the get-go and need to arrange them correctly. This can get dicey, so hints can be a godsend to get you through a Waffle quiz.

Below are our tips for today's Waffle words. These descriptions will point you in the direction of the answers to the puzzle. Beyond that are the solutions themselves. Feel free to take a peek, if you are so inclined.

Waffle Hints Today: July 13 2022

Here are some hints for each of the Waffle words today. these should get you thinking on the right track without outright giving away the answers. 


  • Past tense of constructing a word from letters
  • Bring together and make whole
  • A term for a feudal superior, such as a king or queen


  • The bones that make up the head
  • To omit a sound or syllable when speaking
  • Adverb meaning in, at, or to a place or position

Waffle Words Today: July 13 2022

Waffle can be really difficult. Solving four word puzzles at once is nothing to sniff at. The answers for today's Waffle are below, so this is your last warning. Scroll carefully and you will be able to sneak a peek at the first one or two, but if you want to go for it, then go for it. The answers are next.


Here are all of today's Waffle answers in order of across then down:





There you have it, the answers for today's Waffle. We hope you managed to get them yourself, but at least your streak should be safe.

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