What Champion says "Who said chemtech can’t be beautiful?" in LoLdle today, April 19th?

What Champion says "Who said chemtech can’t be beautiful?" in LoLdle today, April 19th?
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Harry Boulton

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19th Apr 2024 08:08


Getting the Quote answer in LoLdle right is never an easy task, and today's test certainly proves that. With over 160 potential Champions to guess from in the game, it's often tough to narrow down on a voice line alone.

That's why sometimes it's best to cheat just a little bit and see the answer, as keeping your streak alive is definitely the most important thing! I've even got some hints too if you don't want all the fun spoiled, giving you a hopeful nudge towards the solution today.

Hints for today's LoLdle Quote game

Sometimes all you need is one little bit of info for that lightbulb above your head to spark, freeing you from the frustration of an unknown answer while still giving you the satisfaction of getting there on your own.

That's where these hints come in handy, revealing a little more about today's Champion that should hopefully illuminate the face behind the quote:

  • Released in February 2022
  • They often play in Support
  • Uses Ranged attacks
  • Their nickname is "The Chem-Baroness".

If this still leaves you no closer to the answer then fear not, as I've got today's LoLdle Quote Champion revealed for you below.

Who says "Who said chemtech can’t be beautiful?"?

The answer for today's LoLdle Quote Champion on April 19, 2024, is:

  • Renata Glasc

Who says "Follow my blade!"?

The answer for yesterday's LoLdle Quote Champion is:

  • Tryndamere

Don't worry if you've had to resort to having the answer revealed as you're certainly not alone in your struggles. There are so many Champions to keep up with over the years that even I can't keep up with what each one of them says!

It's not just today that I've got you covered for either, as there'll be a new Champion waiting to be revealed every single day if you're ever stuck again. All you have to do then is pop back and check it out to keep that streak going.

When does LoLdle Quote reset?

There's a new Champion to figure out in LoLdle Quote every single day at midnight in your local time zone, alongside the four other minigames under the LoLdle banner.

This is the same as most word games out there, so you'll typically be able to do them all in one big go to wake your brain up in the morning or keep it refreshed throughout the day.

How to play LoLdle Quote

Image of LoLdle Quote
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LoLdle Quote is one of the five separate League of Legends-themed word games under the LoLdle banner, and this one in particular challenges players to guess the Champion of the day from a quote or voice line alone.

I'd argue that this is one of the hardest of the lot, as it often relies on you either playing as the Champion or playing alongside them, as those are typically the only ways you'd become super familiar with their sayings.

That's why something like this is perfect for most players, as it will either give them a few more tidbits to push them in the right direction, or remove the headache of an unsolved answer and keep them going until the next day.

Now that you've figured out today's Champion you can head over to our word games homepage, where we've got the answers for popular titles like Connections, Strands, and Who Are Ya.

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