YuGiOh Master Duel Dinosaur Deck 2022

YuGiOh Master Duel Dinosaur Deck 2022
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Tarran Stockton


23rd May 2022 17:21

If you need a simple deck to make use of, our YuGiOh Master Duel Dinosaur deck is incredibly effective and will ensure you can climb some of the ranks online. Due to the secret pack mechanic in YuGiOh, building a specific deck is made much easier and cheaper than the physical TCG. So read on to recreate our YuGiOh Master Duel Dinosaur deck. 

YuGiOh Master Duel Dinosaur Deck: What Cards Are Needed?

YuGiOh Master Duel Dinosaur deck
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For building a deck primarily based on Dinosaur archetype cards, players will need to grab the Prehistoric Beast Advance secret pack, with the Primordial Rising pack being another option if you want to experiment with the deck a little. We also make use of many of the free cards which can be gained from YuGiOh Master Duel solo mode to fill out the deck. This is one of the keys to it being so cheap to build, and we tried to include as few UR cards as possible. 


The list below contains all the cards you will need to create a YuGiOh Master Duel Dinosaur deck:


  • Animadorned Archosaur x2
  • Babycerasaurus x3
  • Petiteranodon x1
  • Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x1
  • Giant Rex x1
  • Miscellaneosaurus x3
  • Souleating Oviraptor x2
  • Dinowrestler Pankratops x1
  • Ultimate Conductor Tyranno x2


  • Raigeki x1
  • Harpie's Feather Duster x1
  • Monster Reborn x1
  • Terraforming x1
  • Double Evolution Pill x2
  • Fossil Dig x3
  • Pot of Extravagance x3
  • Lightning Storm x1
  • Lost World x3
  • Super Polymerization x2
  • Forbidden Chalice x3


  • Quaking Mirror Force x2
  • Solemn Judgment x1

Extra Deck

  • Mudragon of the Swamp x1
  • Starving Venom Fusion Dragon x2
  • Kachi Kochi Dragon x1
  • Evolzar Dolkka x1
  • Link Spider x1
  • Linkuriboh x2
  • Secure Gardna x1
  • Pentestag x3
  • Borrelsword Dragon x1

This deck focuses on purely out-damaging the enemy with your monster cards, and more powerful Link summoning cards in the extra deck. There are also a lot of drawing cards to take advantage of, with Fossil Dig and Pot of Extravagance being key to the strategy of keeping your hand populated. There is also a lot of utility that can be used to negate your enemies' damage potential by changing their cards to face-down, either by using the Quaking Mirror Force trap or Ultimate Conductor Tyranno card. This latter card is also the one you'll want to immediately focus on summoning because of its powerful effects. 

That's our YuGiOh Master Duel Dinosaur deck, and now you should be able to replicate it easily and practice some of the simple strategies that the deck is great for.

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