World of Warcraft patch 10.2 release date, new Raid, Mythic+ rotation & more

World of Warcraft patch 10.2 release date, new Raid, Mythic+ rotation & more
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17th Oct 2023 12:20

The latest World of Warcraft patch is around the corner, and it brings tonnes of new content for players to enjoy.  Here is everything we know about the patch’s release date on the live servers of the game and all of the new content you may need to know about.

Major patches bring new Mythic+ seasons and rotations, as well as new Dungeons or Raids. Not only this, but players can also expect a brand new public event to take part in, bringing the community together once more. 

Here is all of the new content you can expect to enjoy in the patch 10.2 Guardians of the Dream in World of Warcraft.

When is WoW 10.2 releasing?

Patch 10.2 is slated for release on November 7, 2023. Some of the content such as the new Raid and Legendary will be released later down the line on November 14, 2023. However, plenty of the content will be available on that first release date, such as the new zone, quests and faction rewards.

New Zone: The Emerald Dream

Amirdrassil tree in WoW
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In this new patch, there will be a zone added named the Emerald Dream. However, this isn’t the Emerald Dream that players will be used to, as this is a brand new slice of the Emerald Dream that players get to explore, including protecting the new world tree, Amirdrassil. 

Not only is there a new zone, but there is a new faction for you to earn renown with. These are the Dream Wardens. By completing their renown track, you can get your hands on some fantastic rewards such as mounts and customisations.

New Public Event: The Superbloom

Superbloom event in WoW
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There is a brand new public event for players to enjoy, where once again you’ll all band together to protect the Emerald Dream and help the likes of Sprucecrown protect the dream by using whimsical powers similar to those in Torghast. There will be bugs to shoo away, plants to tend to, and enemies to take down. 

Not only is there the Superbloom but there are two secondary events that also occur within the Emerald Dream named the Emerald Bounty and the Emerald Frenzy. The Emerald Bounty is a series of micro-events that take place all across the new zone. They are split into the Emerald Frenzy and Planting Dreamseeds. 

The Emerald Frenzy empowers a small area within the new zone where all of the wildlife will go into a frenzy. Enemies become more powerful, but you also get a higher amount of the Emerald Dewdrop currency. The higher the bloom quality from the Superbloom, the more currency that the enemies will drop.

Planting Dreamseeds allows players to find small patches of dirt scattered around the Emerald Dream and plant a Dreamseed. You can then all band together to look after this new plant, and encourage it to grow by contributing Emerald Dewdrops or more Dreamseeds. Those who took part in helping the plant grow will gain rewards after a couple of minutes of it completing its growth cycle. 

Dragon riding Update

Fire Owl mount in WoW
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There will be brand new mounts for players to collect, allowing players to soar in the skies using brand new mounts that they’ve collected. There are new races for you to take part in if you want to feel the wind in your wings!

As soon as the patch is released, you’ll immediately be able to dragon ride through the Emerald Dream. There’s also a new dragonriding appearance if you want to customise your dragon to look like the Fyrakk proto-drake.

New Raid: Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope

Sprucecrown in WoW
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With this latest patch comes a brand new Raid for you to take part in. There are four wings with nine bosses in total. If you want to take part in LFR, you will need an item level of 424, minimum. Along with this, there is also a new Legendary weapon. A two-handed axe, that can be used by Death Knights, Paladins and Warriors. This is called Fyr’lath, the Dream Render

You will also have the ability to earn five-piece class sets as you complete the raid and get rewards for your efforts. 

New PvP Brawl

For those who enjoy taking part in PvP activities, there will be a brand new brawl for you to compete in. This is an 8v8 solo experience. The team consists of:

  • Two healers
  • Five to six DPS
  • Zero to one Tank

For matches that don’t include any tanks, these fights will not take place on Capture the Flag maps such as Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks. Battles that do include a tank can take place on any map. 

There is plenty more to be excited about within the vast patch of 10.2 for World of Warcraft. For more content, check out our WoW homepage. Here's how you can get your hands on Coveted Baubles in WoW.

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