Wisteria Trello and Discord links (March 2023)

Wisteria Trello and Discord links (March 2023)
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3rd Mar 2023 12:17

Although a new title in the repertoire of Roblox games, Wisteria, has become increasingly popular. After all, it is an Action-RPG game that has been exciting all manner of Roblox players by being loosely based on hit anime and manga, Demon Slayer/Kimetsu No Yaiba. In fact, more players have been needing extra resources of tips and tricks to perform even better in Wisteria. Let's get into this Wisteria Trello and Discord guide.

Wisteria Trello and Discord links

wisteria trello discord links
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You can access the Wisteria Trello here. For Discord users, you can access the Wisteria Discord here.

In the Wisteria Trello, you'll the following named sections to give you the edge in the game: Kimetsu No Yaiba, Game Info, Other Info, Stats, Ranks, Races, Player Information, Breathing Style, Demon Arts, Trainer, Map, NPC, Item, Slayer Buff/Stuffs, Hybrid Buff/Stuffs, Codes, Hall of Fame (Rank), and Extras.

The Wisteria Trello and Discord have been put together by dedicated fans looking to provide other players with as much information as possible to give players the advantage they need to get the most out of the game.

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