Fortnite reaches all-time peak player count with OG map revival

Fortnite reaches all-time peak player count with OG map revival
Epic Games

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Jack Marsh


3rd Nov 2023 15:56

Updated at 17:37 GMT, after the Fortnite player count has now hit 5 million players.

Whoever said Fortnite was dead? 

Shooter fans who moved onto Call of Duty Warzone and Apex Legends might be surprised at just how alive Fishstick and co. are in 2023.

Just hours after the OG Fortnite Map was rolled out, winding back years, the game's player count has hit an all-time high.

Fortnite OG map smashes concurrent player count records six years later

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Six years after the likes of Greasy Grove, Pleasant Park, and Fatal Fields turned landing spots for endless hours of double-pump action, the OG map is back, reigniting the inner child in us all.

Fortnite's whisk back to the golden age has brought together the old community and the new, and just as fresher-faced players are now coming up against us that have grown facial hair in the six-year gap, there's currently a record number of players pulling their 'chute's out of the battle bus.

Epic Games' Fortnite player count has confirmed that just hours after the new season aired, an all-time peak of players was recorded, with 3,527,262 Fortnite fanatics playing as of 3pm GMT on November 3, and as of 5pm GMT, it has hit 5 million concurrents.

Fortnite surges past record player count

Screenshot of 5m active players in fortnite
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Fortnite's player count has now broken, with 3pm GMT hardly being peak timing either, with Europe still being mid-work day, and Pacific time zones being 8 am, before the work day starts.

This player count could well rise above 6 million when the United States work and school day ends, with the majority of players being able to get back to their monitors.

It's a shame that the OG map isn't actually the true original (justice for Anarchy Acres and Moisty Mire), but there's no denying that Tilted Towers has one hell of a pull. We'll meet you on top of the clock tower...

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