Who Is Rat In Destiny 2?

Who Is Rat In Destiny 2?
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12th Jul 2022 10:00

Who is Rat in Destiny 2 is a question many have been asking since a particular audio log was discovered in the game. Destiny 2 is a game full of secrets, as well as a cast of characters that players have latched on to. We have some idea as to who this Rat character is. Read on to learn the answer to who is Rat in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 Rat: The Audio Log

Destiny 2: The audio log station in the HELM, beside the Crown of Sorrows
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This Rat person was recently mentioned by Eris Morn in one of her audio logs. If you have been regularly checking the audio logs in the H.E.L.M. during Season of the Haunted, you should have come across this particular entry. In it, Eris discusses the work that you all have been doing regarding the Pyramid, the Leviathan, and overcoming the Nightmares.

She opens up quite a bit about how she has learned to move on with her life, and how she now finds purpose in helping others deal with their trauma. She mentions that Rat once told her to live her life and said to him that "there is more truth in you than either of us would care to admit." Clearly this Rat is someone Eris has had a personal connection with, and perhaps, so have we.

Destiny 2 Rat: Rat's Identity

Destiny 2: Going to see Rat in the Tower
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There are a few pieces of evidence that seem to quite clearly suggest who this Rat is. From the audio log, we can tell that Rat is someone similarly old as Eris is, someone who has lived a very long time. They have seen a lot, likely a lot of hardship and heartbreak, and have perhaps closed themselves off from further pain. Eris questions what Rat's Nightmare would look like, seeming to allude to their secretive nature.

Also, Eris says she will share information on the Pyramid with Rat, and they seem content to keep their concordance outside the remit of the Vanguard. Clearly this is someone interested in the Darkness, but they are not a Guardian. Almost definitely a Lightbearer, considering their age, but certainly not a member of the Vanguard.


Another piece of evidence, which admittedly wraps this whole mystery up in a neat little package, is that there is a character who has been referred to as Rat multiple times in the past, once by Eris herself. The other person who knows him as Rat is Saint-14, which makes sense given their similar age. The person in question is The Drifter, who Eris refers to as 'Rat' in the Prophecy dungeon, and who Saint often refers to as the 'sad little rat-man who lives downstairs'.

It is not confirmed, but it seems highly likely that the Rat in question is indeed The Drifter. He is an old Lightbearer who would know Eris and Saint from ages past. We know he has a keen interest in the Darkness but likes to work outside of official channels. He has always been a secretive character, and clearly he has even more personal secrets we have yet to uncover.

That is the best answer we can find to the question of who is Rat in Destiny 2. For more on the game, check out our Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 guide.

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