When Does The League Of Legends Preseason End?

When Does The League Of Legends Preseason End?
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4th Jan 2023 16:54

Many fans are wondering when the League of Legends preseason ends, and season 13 begins. League of Legends has a seasonal system and between the seasons, changes are made. The preseason is the period just before the new season, where changes are implemented and altered. Here is everything you need to know about when the League of Legends preseason ends.

League Of Legends Preseason: When Does It End

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The preseason period before Season 13 is currently underway. For those waiting for it to end and Season 13 to officially begin, the wait is gracefully short. While preseason changes are still underway, the start date for Season 13 has been announced.

The start date for Season 13 is Tuesday, the 10th of January. Riot was a bit delayed in making the announcement, causing concern among many players. This late announcement leaves players with less than a week to prepare before the new season begins.

League Of Legends Preseason: Changes And Additions

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Riot has made some big changes to the game ahead of season 13. Not all those changes were received favourably, proving why a preseason period for testing these things is important. Some of the most notable changes are happening in the jungle, including changes to the Chemtech Drake, and the addition of pets for junglers.

The ChemDrake returns after its controversial debut last year. It has been completely retooled, and now provides various buffs to the team that takes it down. Furthermore, the Chemtech Drake will alter the plants around the map, giving them new and more powerful effects.

Jungle companions are here to replace traditional jungler items. Now, you will have a little buddy who follows you around and helps you out. By defeating enemies and gaining experience, you can level up your companion and have it evolve, becoming more powerful as the match progresses.

Of course, there is a litany of buffs, nerfs, and small changes coming with the new season. Players will have plenty to wrap their heads around when season 13 kicks off on January 10th.

That is it for the League of Legends preseason end date, and the changes coming out of it. For more League tips, check out our guide on how to use Champion and Skin Shards in League of Legends.

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