How To Get Warzone Golden Keycards And Open Mercenary Vaults

How To Get Warzone Golden Keycards And Open Mercenary Vaults
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23rd Jun 2022 15:19

Warzone Golden Keycards and Mercenary Vaults are new additions to Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune. Warzone Season 4 is all about collecting wealth and fortune, and Golden Keycards and Mercenary Vaults are a surefire path to true riches. This guide will detail how to get Warzone Golden Keycards and how to open Mercenary Vaults.

  • Looking for Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune's new items like the Sequencer Grenade and the Nebula V Minigun? You'll find them at Black Market Buy Stations, courtesy of Warzone Black Market Run Contracts.

What Are Warzone Golden Keycards?

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Warzone Golden Keycards are a highlight of Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune. Golden Keycards are precious, as they provide access to Warzone Mercenary Vaults hidden across Caldera.

Golden Keycards and Mercenary Vaults are a prime source of the Cash needed to achieve Victory in the Warzone Golden Plunder LTM.

Where To Find Warzone Golden Keycards

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Warzone Golden Keycards are a new form of ground loot. With that, there are a few different ways in which you may come across one:

  • Looting Supply Chests
  • Completing Contracts
  • Eliminating enemy players

There's no outright guaranteed method of obtaining a Golden Keycard. You must simply pray to the gods of RNG and hope one pops up in your search. If you keep looting Supply Chests and completing Contracts, you'll run into a Golden Keycard eventually. Alternatively, it's possible to eliminate an enemy player with a Golden Keycard in their inventory and steal it from them.


What Are Warzone Mercenary Vaults?

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Warzone Mercenary Vaults are special depositories filled to the brim with Cash and high-value loot. Like Golden Keycards, Mercenary Vaults are exclusive to Caldera for the time being.

Mercenary Vaults contain stores of Supply Chests running into the double digits. Inside the Mercenary Vault Supply Chests, you'll find:

  • Cash
  • Weapons
  • Ammo
  • Field Upgrades
  • Killstreaks

Warzone Mercenary Vault Locations

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There are seven Warzone Mercenary Vaults hidden across Caldera. The Mercenary Vaults are marked on the Tac Map by yellow circles.

As it turns out, the Mercenary Vaults are concealed inside of the same bunkers that host the Warzone Underground Transit System. Those familiar with the Underground Transit System access point locations should have no issues finding the Mercenary Vaults.

Once inside the bunkers, look for a vault door locked via a keypad with a white symbol etched above it. Approach the keypad and you'll be instructed to unlock it with a Golden Keycard. VoilĂ , the Mercenary Vault should creak open, revealing all the treasure inside. Just make sure no enemies are lying in wait, hoping to steal your newfound plunder!

Warzone Golden Keycards are scarce, but if you can find one, fortune awaits you on the other side of the Mercenary Vaults.

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