Warzone Golden Plunder LTM: Dates, Rules, And More

Warzone Golden Plunder LTM: Dates, Rules, And More
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17th Jun 2022 17:30

Warzone Golden Plunder is a brand-new, limited-time mode (LTM) coming with Warzone Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune. Cash is king in Golden Plunder, and now there's more of it than ever before seen in Warzone. Prepare to flaunt your wealth and achieve Victory in the thrilling Warzone Golden Plunder LTM.

What Is Warzone Golden Plunder?

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Golden Plunder is a twist on the classic Plunder and Warzone Blood Money game modes. Like with previous iterations of Plunder, the objective of Golden Plunder is to finish the match with the most Cash in the lobby. Eliminating enemies, completing Contracts, and opening Supply Boxes are the primary ways to earn Cash in Plunder.

Plunder and its variants are fan-favourites among players looking for a more casual take on Warzone. In Plunder, you start the match with your Custom Loadout, and you respawn back in after every death. The match only ends when one squad has earned enough Cash to secure Victory.


Warzone Golden Plunder Rules

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As you'd expect, the rules in Warzone Golden Plunder vary slightly from prior iterations of Plunder.

Golden Plunder is to Plunder what Warzone Champion of Caldera is to Battle Royale. Golden Plunder aims to be the most frantic, action-packed version of Plunder yet. With that in mind, the player count has been increased to 120, up from 100. Furthermore, enemies drop extra Cash when eliminated, and the Cash required for Victory has been increased to $5,000,000.

Golden Plunder also features new methods of collecting Cash. Scattered around the map are malfunctioning ATMs. These machines stay spouting out Cash, which greedy players can, in turn, pluck up. Golden Keycards are another new addition exclusive to the Golden Plunder LTM. Hunt down one of these treasured keys to gain access to bunkers loaded with Cash and high-value loot.

Activision and Raven Software have yet to confirm whether Warzone Golden Plunder will take place on the new Warzone Fortune's Keep map, Rebirth Island, or Caldera.

Warzone Golden Plunder Dates

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Warzone Golden Plunder will go live with Warzone Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortune on June 22, 2022, at 5pm BST. Right now, there's no telling how long Golden Plunder will be around — but since it's a limited-time mode — we know that our time with it is finite. Enjoy this glitzed-up version of Plunder while you can!

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