What are the rarest Operator skins in Warzone as of 2024?

What are the rarest Operator skins in Warzone as of 2024?
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The rarest Operator skins in Warzone inspire envy in all who lay eyes upon them in action. Some of these uncommon skins are no longer obtainable in Call of Duty, while others can still be obtained - if you're up for the challenge.

So, if any of these cosmetics are part of your collection in-game, count yourself lucky as you're likely part of a very small collection of Warzone competitors.

Rarest Operator skins in Warzone

Bone Collector

Bone Collector Warzone skin
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Let's start off with a newer skin that's still possible to obtain, but will require a massive grind if you want to get your hands on it. We are of course talking about Bone Collector, which requires players to complete every single Act mission in MW3 Zombies and defeat Zakhaev.

While this sounds like a walk in the park on paper, it's actually a massive endeavour that very few members of the community are willing to complete. While over time the Bone Collector will become less rare, for now, it's still extremely exclusive.


Apparition skin Warzone
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The Apparition Operator skin was a reward for players who completed the Champion's Quest in Warzone before mid-2023. As the Nova Operator Nuke skin was released in June 2023, Apparition is no longer available to earn - that's the reason this cosmetic is so rare.

To unlock this sleek skin back in the day, you had to achieve a Nuke in Warzone. And if you thought getting a Nuke in Multiplayer was hard, dropping a Nuke in Warzone is an entirely different monster.

It involves winning five consecutive matches of Warzone in a row to earn the quest, and then collecting various materials from around the map in the sixth and successfully detonating the bomb.


Collision Warzone
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The Collision Operator skin for Horangi is reserved exclusively for Warzone players who participated in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta. Because of this, it's no longer possible to obtain the cosmetic.

The MW2 beta was only available for a limited time during September 2022. Also, the latest iteration of Warzone (WZ2) wasn't present, so if you were not a fan of MW2 Multiplayer, you may have skipped it. Alas, the now-unobtainable Collision Operator Skin is a rare sight.


Biohazard Warzone skin
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You probably don't encounter the Biohazard Operator skin for Konig too often in your Warzone matches. That's because this rare Operator Skin is tied to an MW2 DMZ challenge.

To unlock the Biohazard Operator skin, you must extract seven Weapon Cases in the DMZ Mode. Weapon Cases are one of the most sought-after pieces of loot in DMZ Mode too, so it isn't easy to escape with one of these in your possession, let alone do it seven times.

If that wasn't enough, support for DMZ was sunsetted following the release of MW3. As a result, less players are jumping into the mode and therefore, even fewer are going to unlock Biohazard.


Oni Warzone skin
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The MW2 Oni Operator skin is another rare cosmetic that you can't get anymore. To unlock the Hiro “Oni” Watanabe Operator, you had to pre-order Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 digitally through the PlayStation Store.

So, not only was the Oni skin only available to individuals willing to purchase MW2 early, but only PlayStation players were eligible for the offer. For these reasons, the Operator isn't something you see every day in Warzone.

Burger Town

Burger Town King Skin Warzone
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To unlock the Burger Town King Operator skin, you had to purchase the Modern Warfare 2 Whopper Deal at a participating Burger King. The reason this Operator skin is so rare, however, is that Burger King in neither the United Kingdom nor the United States participated in this promotion.

If you're a resident of the United Kingdom or the United States, you couldn't get the Burger Town King skin authentically. Instead, you had to trade for or purchase a code for the Operator skin from someone living in one of the 40 countries that were participating in the MW2 x Burger King deal.

Acquiring codes for digital items like the Burger Town King skin is a dangerous endeavour, as scammers run amok. And if you do find someone legitimate, a Burger Town King code will likely set you back a chunk of cash. While there are still a few codes around from the promotion, they're unbelievably rare and incredibly expensive.

Burger Town King

Burger Town King Operator
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The food collab skins don't end there though, with Burger King returning again in November of 2023 with another crossover alongside Hungry Jacks. Anyone who spent over $15 while using the code "CALLOFDUTY" at checkout bagged themselves the Burger Town King skin. 

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This incredible cosmetic features a crown, a gold chain, and a sleek black and orange Mil-Sim outfit. Similar to the Burger Town skin above, this was not available in either the UK or the United States, so anyone from those countries was unable to get hold of it. On top of that, it was only available for a limited time, making the skin extremely rare.

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