DMZ is officially over and will no longer be supported with MW3

DMZ is officially over and will no longer be supported with MW3
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Megan Cooke

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1st Dec 2023 10:12

Warzone’s DMZ mode was introduced in November last year and was widely considered to be one of the franchise’s most experimental game modes.

Just over one year since its release, the Call of Duty Team has announced that DMZ support will not be continuing.

DMZ will no longer be available within Modern Warfare 3 or Warzone

In a blog post shared by the Call of Duty team, which looks forward to Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3, one piece of news was slipped in which has disappointed many players.

Just over a year after its introduction, DMZ is no longer being supported alongside Warzone or Modern Warfare 3.

The Call of Duty Team wrote: “We would like to thank the entire community for their support and continued feedback on the DMZ Beta. Infinity Ward and all the development teams who contributed to the creation of DMZ are incredibly proud and delighted to see the enthusiasm and participation that you’ve shown since its release, and to see so many players pouring into the MWZ mode in Modern Warfare III, which has many DMZ-inspired gameplay aspects within it.

“Beginning with next week’s launch of Season 1, DMZ Beta players can continue the mode via the Call of Duty: Warzone section of COD HQ. The DMZ Beta will remain fully playable across all current DMZ content, including Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, the Koschei Complex, Building 21, Vondel, as well as all DMZ missions.

“The mode will not be available or interact directly within Modern Warfare III or Call of Duty: Warzone which means that progression and any new Modern Warfare III or Warzone content, including Battle Pass or store bundles, will not sync or carry back into this DMZ mode. Also, DMZ progress will not apply to new Battle Passes beginning with Season 1.

“We recognize that not having cross progression with Modern Warfare III and Warzone may be frustrating for some players, but we felt now was the time to take all the learnings from the Beta that we could apply toward future development efforts as we evolve this style of play. We also know that many players still enjoy the mode and wanted to ensure that everybody can keep playing, which is why we are keeping a variety of content available.

“Going forward, development teams will continue to evolve these dynamic open world experiences into the future. We look forward to sharing updates when ready.”

DMZ will still be playable for those with access to the Beta, and the team is aware that many players enjoy the game mode, however it will not interact with any of the other gameplay from Warzone or Modern Warfare.

Not only that, the mode will not receive any future content updates, which will be massively disappointing those who enjoyed the extraction mode. This appears to be the end of the line for DMZ and by the looks of it, Operation Deadbolt was always meant to be its replacement.

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