VALORANT Episode 5 Act 2 5.04 Patch Notes

VALORANT Episode 5 Act 2 5.04 Patch Notes
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23rd Aug 2022 14:06

Arriving alongside Episode 5 Act 2 are the VALORANT 5.04 patch notes, which bring a few new and much-requested features to the game. Although this specific VALORANT patch doesn't bring any particularly game-changing agent or map changes, it is sure to delight a lot of players who have been looking forward to some specific in-game features. So, make sure to carry on reading to see the full list of VALORANT 5.04 patch notes, arriving with Episode 5 Act 2.

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VALORANT 5.04 Patch Notes

VALORANT 5.04 Patch Notes
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While the main attraction of VALORANT's Episode 5 Act 2 release will come in the form of a new Battlepass, and a competitive reset, there are still some gems to find in the relatively small print of the update.


Here's a full list of the VALORANT patch notes that are coming to the game with patch 5.04:

Game Changes

  • Players can now select a custom colour for their VALORANT crosshair
    • This is done by heading to Settings, Crosshair, Primary, Aim Down Sights, or Sniper Scope
    • Then, select 'Custom' in the colour drop down menu, and input the Hex Code of the desired crosshair colour to change it
    • Entering a non-Hex Code colour will revert to the previous change
  • Players can now uniquely tune the horizontal and vertical lines of their crosshair
    • This is done by heading to Settings, Crosshair, Primary or Aim Down Sights, Inner/Outer Length
    • Then, disable the middle 'chain' icon to enable independent tuning, using the left slider for horizontal, and the right for vertical.
  • Players can now copy the crosshair of players they are spectating
    • This is done by typing either '/crosshair copy' or '/cc', which will save the viewed crosshair as a under a new crosshair profile
  • Increased the number of available crosshair profiles from 10 to 15

Bug Fixes

  • Yoru's Gatecrash will no longer leave floor markers in incorrect locations

That wraps up the latest VALORANT 5.04 patch notes, giving you all the new changes, additions, and fixes that are coming to the game on August 23. If you're wanting to know who sits at the top of our VALORANT Agent tier list though, make sure to check that guide out to see if you agree.

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