How to stop your station from being too exposed in Valheim

How to stop your station from being too exposed in Valheim
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16th Mar 2023 17:02

Is the "station too exposed" error hindering your progression in Valheim? There are many intricacies to Valheim, and one is the fact that structures like workbenches can't be left exposed. If you're suffering due to this issue in the game, follow the steps outlined below to stop your station from being too exposed in Valheim.

Valheim station too exposed error explained

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When attempting to interact with a freshly built workbench in Valheim, you will occasionally get an error that reads, "station too exposed". But what does this statement mean, exactly?

Select structures in Valheim, like workbenches and beds, must be protected from the elements. If a workbench is exposed to rain or the wind, you'll be informed via the "station too exposed" pop-up.

To use the workbench to craft items or repair your equipment, you will need to fortify the area surrounding it.

How to stop your station from being too exposed in Valheim

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To satisfy the requirements to use the workbench in Valheim and alleviate the "station too exposed" error, you will want to start by placing the workbench on a couple of 2x2 wood floors. Next, surround the floors with some wood walls.

The most important aspect of protecting your workbench is the roofing. Use 45° wood walls and 45° thatch roofs to build a suitable canopy over the workbench.

The combination of the pieces above should be enough to safeguard your workbench. However, feel free to extend the walls around the workbench or stretch the roof to ensure that the crafting station is entirely insulated. Even better, set the workbench inside a full-fledged base, and it will no doubt relieve the issue.

If after all this, you still encounter the Valheim "station too exposed" error, there's a good chance that your workbench is inadvertently clipping through the walls next to it. To make sure this isn't the problem, break the workbench and place it again, this time making sure there's no obvious clipping and that the workbench has plenty of space between it and the adjacent walls.

Keep all this information in mind when placing your workbench, and the Valheim "station too exposed" error won't ever bother you again!

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